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Best Breast Pumps of 2024

woman holding breast pump while working

What is the best breast pump? We consistently find when choosing the best breast pump, new moms consider: suction strength, portability, weight, noise level, and insurance coverage. Find your best breast pump through insurance.

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Do Medicaid and WIC Cover Breast Pumps?

Breast Pumps

Most state Medicaid plans will cover the entire cost of a breast pump, but Medicaid covers these services differently than private insurance companies. There is a wide variety in scope and coverage from state to state for those seeking assistance with pre and postnatal care under Medicaid.

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Spectra Breast Pump

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One of our top-selling and award-winning brands is Spectra. Several of their pumps are now available through our website (and can be fully or partially covered by insurance!), and they are great for all moms, new or seasoned.

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Picking Your Pump: Top 5 Questions

pump selection

Finding a pump that works best for you is a big decision! Answering each question below will guide you toward whether you need a manual pump, standard pump, high-performing pump, or wearable pump. 

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6 Breast Pumping Essentials for New Moms

Planning for all the last-minute breastfeeding must-haves before your little one arrives? We've put together a list of the essential breast pumping accessories (other than your breast pump) that you'll need to get started.

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We Heart Our Mamas

All throughout February, we’re celebrating the strength, determination and selflessness of our incredible mamas! Each month, we receive hundreds of stories and photos as part of our Mother Pumper program. We read and appreciate each story, and we know you will too!

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Open System or Closed System Breast Pump?

What do you really need to know about open or closed system breast pumps?

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How To Pump When The Power Goes Out

When the power goes out, there's a lot that you can do to protect your supply...

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