Will I Need A Prescription?

Yes, most health insurance providers require a prescription for breast pumps. There are some exceptions, but in most cases, we will need to have your prescription on file before we can ship your pump. This guideline also applies to compression items such as pregnancy support, compression socks, and postpartum recovery garments.

After you have submitted our Qualify Through Insurance Form and placed an order, we will work to gather any necessary prescriptions on your behalf.

How Do We Obtain Your Prescription?

  1. We use the doctor's information you provide upon placing an order to secure it on your behalf. 
  2. If you already have a prescription, or would prefer to request one at your next doctor appointment, you can send it to us in one of the following two ways:

    • Take a clear photo of the whole prescription then email it to hello@aeroflowbreastpumps.com as an attachment.
    • Fax it to us at 800-806-2799.

To make this process as simple and efficient as possible, be sure to provide us with the correct contact information for your doctor at checkout. If for any reason we have difficulty getting in touch with your doctor, we will notify you via email or text message.

If you have any questions regarding a prescription, be sure to ask your Specialist directly. They will work with you to secure all the information needed for your order!