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Become an Affiliate

Want to help your community of Mamas get a breast pump through insurance and support their breastfeeding journey? Join our affiliate marketing program!

What You Get

  • 10% Commission on Purchases
  • $4 per valid lead submitted
  • 30 day referral period
  • Dedicated support team

How it Works

Our affiliate program gives you, the creator, the flexibility to create engaging content for your audience. The more engaging content leads to higher click through rates.

Upon approval into our affiliate marketing program, you will be supplied with a variety of banners and text links for your website. Place those banners and text links on your site and when one of your website's users clicks-through, they will be brought to our website to shop. Once a purchase is completed, you will be credited for that referral by earning a 10% commission.

Aeroflow Healthcare has an industry high conversion rate of nearly 30% and is top 5% in earnings in all of CJ.

Aeroflow Breastpumps is the only affiliate program that pays commission on e-Commerce sales and breast pumps through insurance. For breast pump through insurance, occasionally a breast pump won’t ship within the 30-day period. Regardless of when the breast pump ships, you’ll get credit for that click through as long as its within the 30-day referral period.

How To Apply

The Aeroflow Healthcare affiliate program is hosted by CJ. Fill out the application. Once approved, you’ll get a notification, and a representative at CJ will help you navigate the system.

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