Zomee Breast Pumps

Zomee designs stylish, lightweight pumps and accessories for moms on the go.

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  1. Zomee Z2 Breast Pump with Tote and Cooler Set

    Zomee Z2 Breast Pump with Tote and Cooler Set

  2. Zomee Z2 Breast Pump

    Zomee Z2 Breast Pump

  3. Zomee Z2 Breast Pump with Manual Pump Converter

    Zomee Z2 Breast Pump with Manual Pump Converter

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Is a Zomee Breast Pump Right For Me?

The primary feature that appeals to breastfeeding and pumping moms is Zomee’s compact portability; the Z2 pump fits in the palm of your hand. More and more manufacturers are adding hands-free capabilities to their pumps, and Zomee is no exception. They now offer hands-free collection cups that rest inside your nursing bra and collect up to 5 oz. of breast milk per container.

Unlike many rechargeable pumps, the Z2 can be charged with a USB power cable, so it plugs right into the USB port on your computer or mobile battery pack. If you’re looking for a breast pump with a modern, sleek design that’s small enough to toss into your diaper bag, the Zomee Z2 pump is worth a look.

Zomee Z2 Double Electric Breast Pump

The Z2 has a unique design with a rounded corner square shape, pastel mint detailing, and a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. Like all breast pumps we offer, the Z2 is a closed system pump that prevents the backflow of breast milk into the pump tubing, keeping everything safe and hygienic for baby. A soft breast cushion helps make pumping pain-free.

Zomee pumps have hospital strength suction with 3 different modes and 19 different suction levels. The Z2 double electric pump offers stimulation and expression mode, but unlike the Zomee Z1, the Z2 has a 2-phase mode, which alternates expression between breasts. This feature, which is exclusive to Zomee, begins with a flutter-type suction pattern which then builds to a longer, stronger extraction, all without having to manually switch modes.

The Zomee Z2 double electric breast pump comes with everything you need to get started. This includes diaphragms, soft breast cushion, USB charging cable, AC adapter, breast shields in 2 sizes (24mm and 28mm), duckbill valves and Zomee bottles, bottle nipples, bottle caps, and standard neck bottle adapters. All Zomee pumps are BPA and phthalate free and come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

We also offer the Z2 pump, cooler, and tote bundle, which includes ice packs to keep your breast milk fresh on the go. Our Z2 pump and manual pump converter bundle includes an adapter which converts the Z2 into a manual pump.

Pumping Modes

Expression, massage, and 2 phase alternating mode (exclusive to Zomee)

Power options

Internal rechargeable battery with USB power cable/AC Adapter

Suction Strength


Is The Zomee Breast Pump Free with Insurance?

Insurance companies typically cover one pump per pregnancy, so it may be possible to get a Zomee breast pump free through your insurance plan. If you have questions about your coverage and which pumps will be available to at no cost, the best place to start is our insurance eligibility form. We work with most major health insurance providers as well as Medicaid.

Some plans will fully or partially cover not only breast pumps (including Ameda, Spectra, Lansinoh, and other major brands), but lactation education, pregnancy support, and postpartum recovery products as well. We verify your coverage and let you know what your options are, sometimes instantly, so you’ll be able to select your pump the same day you submit your form.