Preparing for Maternity and Paternity Leave

mom with dad holding baby

Here's everything you need to know about navigating parental leave, from understanding the laws and your rights to transitioning back to the office.

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Ultimate Guide To Introducing Your Little One to Solids

baby eating solids

Every child grows, learns, behaves, thinks—and even eats!—differently, so there is no perfect time to start introducing your baby to solid foods or to begin weaning. Learn about the signs of when baby is ready to start solids!

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Introducing Baby to Bottle

baby bottle with mom and baby

Understanding when and how to introduce baby to bottle is essential for a smooth transition for both mom and baby!

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Self-Care: Making Time for Mama This Mother’s Day

pregnant moms holding bellies

Here are our favorite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, whether you’re still pregnant or recently postpartum, and some top gift ideas for the mom in your life!

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Breastfeeding for Premature Babies

mom breastfeeding baby

This blog will help new parents understand some of the typical challenges involved in breastfeeding a preemie who decided to arrive early!  

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Traveling While Breastfeeding

mom holding baby on flight

Traveling with a baby can be an adventure on its own. Check out some travel tips and hacks to help you make your travels a bit smoother.

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How to Predict Your Baby’s Breastfeeding Needs

mom holding newborn baby

After giving birth, one of the most common concerns we hear from new moms is whether their baby is receiving enough milk and being sufficiently fed. Read our blog to learn some of the most common baby hunger cues that you should look out for.

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Are You Falling For These Infant Sleep Myths?

mom sleeping next to baby

As a new parent you may have received sleep advice from lots of well-meaning friends and family, and you’ve probably even done some late-night Google searching on the topic. It can be hard to sift through all the recommendations made by fellow parents, social media influencers, and family members. We’ve got you covered with a look at common infant sleep myths and their corresponding, research-backed facts.

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Reasons Your Baby Might Need Admitted to the NICU

baby in nicu next to doctor

Most people associate the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) as a place where premature newborn babies go after birth. Although the majority of newborns admitted to NICUs are premature babies (“preemies”), interestingly enough, if you walk around any NICU you will see plenty of babies who are full-term, and even some who arrived a week or two after their due date! On average, 360,000 newborns in the U.S. need neonatal intensive care after birth each year. Some only need to stay in the NICU for a few days, while others may be admitted for several months based on baby needs.  Level 2 NICUs provide health care for preemies who are about 32 weeks’ gestation or older and do not need a lot of breathing support, Level 3 NICUs can care for all sizes and ages of preemies, and Level 4 NICUS provide care for all preemies, including the smallest and most sick, as well as critically ill full-term newborns who need surgery, have birth defects, and other medical conditions requiring a care team of neonatologists and multiple pediatric subspecialty teams. 

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When Should My Baby Wean?

mom holding baby and bonding

Every breastfeeding journey is different and there is a huge variability in regards to when infants and toddlers wean from breast milk. Up until recently, pediatricians recommended breastfeeding babies until their first birthdays and then transitioning to whole cow’s milk. In 2022, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published updated guidelines for breastfeeding with recommendations to continue to breastfeed children for 2+ years, if desired. In this article we discuss FAQs about weaning breastfeeding.

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