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How to Enjoy a Glass of Wine While Breastfeeding

woman drinking wine

Many new moms often wonder if they can safely enjoy a glass of wine or a beer while still breastfeeding responsibly. There are some important rules and guidelines to remember about drinking alcohol safely while you are breastfeeding. Keep reading to learn more!

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How Does My Diet Affect Breastfeeding Outcomes?

pregnant woman eating salad

Want more info on how you can support and nourish your own body while breastfeeding and how your diet may affect your milk? Keep reading. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Storing and Combining Breast Milk

breast milk collection and storage

Whether you are storing breast milk at room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen, it has a limited lifespan and should be used before losing nutrients or turning sour.

In order for breast milk to provide the most nourishment possible for healthy growth and development, it needs to be used within a certain timeframe. That period can vary greatly depending on your method of storage!

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The Ultimate Guide to Pumping at Work

mom breastfeeding baby in public under blanket

Did you know that there are many benefits for employers who support their breastfeeding mothers? This article will discuss your rights to pumping at work and breastfeeding in public, sharing advice for both.

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Your Guide to Cluster Feeding: Navigating the Marathon with Your Tiny Feeder

Mom breastfeeding baby

 ​​In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what cluster feeding is, why your baby does it, how to manage it, and much more.

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Inducing Lactation for Adoption or Surrogacy

Woman Pumping Breast Milk

If you are an adoptive mother or brought your baby into the world through a surrogate pregnancy, you may want to induce lactation to provide your own milk for your baby. 

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Breastfeeding After a C-Section: What Positions to Know

Everyone's breastfeeding experience is different. And there is no “one size fits all” guide, especially after having a cesarean section! But trying out different positions is essential to finding what's most comfortable for you and your baby and setting you up for breastfeeding success. Here are six IBCLC approved breastfeeding positions we recommend for c-section mamas!

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Breastfeeding Solutions for Flat and Inverted Nipples

Breastfeeding moms with flat or inverted nipples may find it affects their baby’s latch. Here are a few techniques and solutions to help your breastfed baby latch properly.

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Preventing Mastitis

Mastitis occurs when a part of your breast becomes tender and swollen due to infection. Having milk left behind in the breasts after feeding (not fully emptying both breasts), clogged (plugged) milk ducts, and engorgement can contribute to mastitis. Cracked or damaged nipples can also cause mastitis by allowing bacteria to enter the breast tissue. In mastitis, the affected breast becomes red, warm, swollen, and painful. Initially all you may feel is just a slight pain or tenderness in your breast; however, that can turn into full blown flu symptoms that include fever, nausea, chills, and more. There are several things you can do to help prevent mastitis from developing. Educating yourself prior to breastfeeding will dramatically decrease your chances of developing an infection.

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Breastfeeding During Cold and Flu Season

Flu season is upon us, and new moms everywhere are painfully aware of the health risks this virus can pose to their baby. If you find yourself feeling under the weather, you may have questions or concerns about breastfeeding. International Board Certified Lactation Specialist Leah DeShay is here to help! Below, she answers the most common questions we see from Aeroflow Breastpumps mamas this time of year.

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