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The early days of parenting are an incredible time that can be equally challenging and rewarding as you bond with your baby. Our online classes prepare you for childbirth, breastfeeding, and early postpartum baby care so you can enjoy every moment with your little one. Click here to learn more about our 20+ live classes and to start building your confidence. 

Ultimate Breastfeeding Prep

Everything you need to know in one place to take the fear and guesswork out of your breastfeeding journey. From getting a comfortable latch to making enough milk to avoiding the pitfalls many mothers face, this class covers it all. 

Ultimate Multiples Prep

You CAN successfully breastfeed multiples. Get the early days off to the best start by learning the logistics of feeding two or more and keeping up your milk supply. Get valuable tips for breastfeeding in the NICU in case your babies need extra care. 

Babywearing & Breastfeeding 

If keeping your baby happy and close to you while still getting things done is a goal for you, join us to discuss the benefits of wearing your baby. We will delve into the different types of carriers and how to safely breastfeed while babywearing.  

Breastfeeding SOS

Feel like you're drowning? Grab a raft and hang on tight! Whether you've had a rocky night or are in a full blown crisis, this interactive postpartum class will support you and help right the ship. Recurring weekly class; no need to take in order.

Lactation Q&A 

If you get more out of an interactive discussion than a lecture, this is the class for you! Join our panel of lactation experts to get answers to your burning questions about breastfeeding, parenting, and newborn care. 

What Is A Tongue Tie?

Are you concerned that tongue tie may be why you are struggling with latch or discomfort? Tongue ties affect 4-11% of all babies. Learn how tongue and lip ties can impact breastfeeding and how to connect with experts who will listen and help. 

Birth & Breastfeeding 

Did you know that what happens in labor and birth can impact your breastfeeding success? This evidence-based series will help you envision and advocate for the birth you want and will discuss vaginal as well as cesarean births. 

Navigating Maternity Leave

Get the info you need to make going back to work less stressful. From knowing your pumping rights at work to creating a feeding plan for your baby’s caregiver, this class helps you craft a blueprint for an easier transition back into work life. 

Pumping 101

Pumping doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Let’s break down when to start pumping, how to assemble and clean your pump, how to pump effectively, and how to store milk safely. Learn valuable tips and tricks to save you time and energy. 

How To Find A Pump You Love

Wearable, standard, portable, battery-operated - which pump should you choose? Get the skinny on different pump types, features and brands and feel confident in selecting the best option for you and your baby. 

How To Fit Your Flange

Take the guesswork out of finding your flange size! The right flange size can ease pumping pain and increase your pumped milk volume. Learn about the latest techniques to find your ideal fit and how to use the correct flange insert when necessary.  

Babycare For The Breastfed Baby

Ready to sail into parenthood with calm and confidence? You have questions and we have answers! Learn from the pros about diapering, swaddling, bathing, umbilical cord care, nail care, feeding, soothing and more! 

Sleep For The Breastfed Baby

Should you sleep train? Wondering when your baby will sleep through the night? Worried about setting up bad sleep habits? Get the truth about infant sleep! Learn how to work with your baby’s natural sleep patterns to maximize rest for your family. 

Solid Foods For The Breastfed Baby

What is the difference between baby-led or parent-led feeding? Find out about breastfed baby solid food readiness and avoiding allergies and let us support you in establishing healthy eating routines to improve your family’s well-being. 

It Takes A Village

Worried that some of the important people in your life aren’t supportive of breastfeeding or some of your other parenting choices? Learn practical skills for setting healthy boundaries and building a strong, supportive network within your village. 

La Mejor Preparación Para la Lactancia 

Todo lo que necesita saber en un solo lugar para eliminar el miedo y las dudas en su camino hacia la lactancia materna. Aprenderá cómo lograr un agarre cómodo, cómo producir suficiente leche y cómo evitar los problemas que enfrentan muchas madres. 

Nacimiento Y Lactancia

Sabía que lo que ocurre durante el parto puede influir en el éxito de la lactancia? Esta clase basada en la evidencia le ayudará a imaginar y abogar por el nacimiento que desea y se discutirán los partos vaginales, así como los partos por cesárea. 

Cuidado Del Bebé Amamantado 

Las primeras semanas con su bebé pueden ser abrumadoras. Esta clase es su guía para navegar hacia la paternidad con calma y confianza. Aprenda a cambiar pañales, envolver al bebé, bañarlo, cuidar el cordón umbilical, las uñas, alimentarlo y calmarlo. 

Usanda Un Extractor de Leche 101

La extracción de leche no tiene por qué ser angustiante. Explicaremos cuándo comenzar a extraer leche, utilizarlo y limpiarlo, extraer leche de forma eficaz y cómo almacenarla de forma segura. Aprenda consejos que le ahorrarán tiempo y energía. 

The Brain-Boob Connection

How will you cope with motherhood? What if breastfeeding doesn’t go as planned? Join us for a deep-dive into mindfulness, breathing, and stress reduction techniques that will help you confidently manage breastfeeding with a focus on mental wellness.  


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