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The Brain-Boob Connection 

This live, online class explains how your mental health can affect your breastfeeding goals and outcomes. Learn mindfulness techniques for feeding and pumping and practice breathing exercises to calm your body and mind. 

The Canopie App

Aeroflow moms can access the Canopie app, including a customized-to-you audio & video program. There’s even more content to explore on the app, including live classes with experts and other moms. 

Get to know Canopie

79% of Canopie users had a significant improvement in mood.

Reaching out early for resources can improve your breastfeeding experience and overall mental health.  


Your mental health can affect your breastfeeding goals and outcome.

Co-created with moms and parents. 

We've worked with over 200 mothers and 50 experts to design our programs. While our approach uses science-based methods, we know research alone isn't the answer. We were designed by and with moms to bring love, warmth, and connection to every session. 

You are not alone.

Hear from other moms and parents through online recordings. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other parents through pre-recorded audio sessions and live, community Q&As. 

Feel better for your baby and yourself.

Canopie's program focuses on the challenges that all moms and parents face as they transition from the prenatal to the postnatal period. The takeaways include tactical practices for the now and strategies to implement long-term as well.

Being a great parent can mean asking for help. 

Learn more about how the Canopie app works and how you can get started today. 

Our Research

Results from our initial randomized controlled trial indicate significant clinical improvement after only 2 weeks of engagement.

reported a positive change in emotional health.

of participants with possible symptoms of depression had a clinically significant change in their mood.

said they would refer a friend to the program.

The research shows that long-term outcomes for moms and their babies are shaped by the wellbeing of the mom. Every expecting and new mother and family deserves to have the tools to help manage the inevitable ups and downs of this transition.

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