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Thrive Global - How Moms and Employers Can Ensure Adequate Breast Pumping Conditions

People - 47 Percent of Pregnant Women Have Considered Quitting for More Breastfeeding-Friendly Jobs

Yahoo Finance - Aeroflow Healthcare Survey: Workplace Stigmas Attached to Breastfeeding Moms Exist, Resulting in Professional and Career Uncertainty

Bloomberg - Breast Pumping at Work Makes the Gender Pay Gap Worse

Fairygodboss - 6 Maternity Leave Myths People NEED to Stop Spreading

Fairygodboss - How I Became 'Director of Mom and Baby' at My Company– And What the Heck That Means

Tonic - All the Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Company Before You Have a Baby

Baby Chick - Support for Moms Breastfeeding in Physically Demanding Jobs

USA Today - 15 Must-Have Products for Breastfeeding and Pumping Moms

Construction Executive - How to Support Breastfeeding Moms in Construction

Healthline - Dad Shares Viral Photo of Him ‘Breastfeeding’ Newborn, Should Other Dads Follow?

Baby Chick - Navigating Breastfeeding and Pumping while Traveling

Medium - Enabling Breastfeeding Creates More Productive Workplaces

Motherly - Breast pumping at work 101: What to know and how to prepare

HelloFlo - Should You Recycle or Donate Your Breast Pump?

Hey Mama - How To Successfully Transition Back To Work After Having a Baby

Entrepreneur - For a More Productive Workplace, Welcome Breastfeeding Moms Back to Their Jobs

BenefitsPro - How Employers Can Help New Moms Transition Back To Work

Classy Career Girl - We're Only As Good As Our People: Six Tips For Building Passionate and Productive Teams

Military News - Arming Military Families with Breastfeeding Knowledge

Metro USA - Breastfeeding protections for working mothers increases productivity

Swaay - Paternity Leave and Dad's Evolving Role in Newborn Care

Romper - What Happens To Your Baby When You Eat Spicy Food During Pregnancy? Mama Needs The Hot Sauce

WLOS - Buncombe County medical supplier becomes family-friendly model

Romper - Will The Hospital Give Your A Breast Pump? Here's What You Need To Know

HealthCare Business News - Working Moms are a Driver of the U.S. Economy

The Hill - Working Mothers Need a New Recipe for Success

Press Releases:

Aeroflow Healthcare Survey: Workplace Stigmas Attached to Breastfeeding Moms Exist, Resulting in Professional and Career Uncertainty

How To Educate Male Leaders on Breastfeeding: Real Benefits of Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers

The Breast Express Comes To Asheville In Support Of Breastfeeding Moms

Aeroflow Healthcare Expands Corporate Maternity Leave Policy, Offering Unique Benefits to Moms

Aeroflow Launches Nationwide Directory of Breastfeeding Experts

Aeroflow Breastpumps Partners with Molina Healthcare to Serve Mothers in South Carolina

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