Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer completed her degree in Business Administration at Mars Hill University and has enjoyed growing her career over the past six years with Aeroflow Healthcare. Jennifer was a breastfeeding mother herself, and she’s passionate about providing resources to women that will help make their breastfeeding journey a positive and successful experience. She spends her free time and weekends with her husband, son, and golden retriever puppy!

Everything You Need to Know About Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps

mom using breast pump while baby is sleeping in crib

If you’re wondering whether or not you need a hospital-grade pump, how they compare to regular pumps, or how to get a hospital-grade pump through insurance, we have the answers. Read through our collection of FAQs surrounding hospital-grade breast pumps in our blog

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The Ultimate Guide to Elvie Breast Pumps and Accessories

elvie breast pump

Elvie’s team of experts has added innovative features across their range of products to empower women, creating tech that supports and prioritizes their needs. Let’s take a closer look at Elvie products 

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Motif Ultimate Guide

mom using Motif pump

Motif Medical specializes in providing wearable, hands-free breast pumps. This blog can help you identify which breast pump is best for you. Learn more about Motif’s product range has expanded to include a line of breast pumps, accessories, and maternity compression clothing.

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Everything You Need To Know About Our Ameda Products

ameda mya joy pump

Finding the right breast pump for your specific habits and needs is one of the most important parts of your breastfeeding journey. Ameda’s pumps are a fan favorite for new and experienced mamas. Check out our blog to learn more!

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Best Breast Pumps of 2024

woman holding breast pump while working

What is the best breast pump? We consistently find when choosing the best breast pump, new moms consider: suction strength, portability, weight, noise level, and insurance coverage. Find your best breast pump through insurance.

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Everything You Need To Know About Our Lansinoh Products

lansinoh discreet duo

One of our favorite brands for breastfeeding and pumping supplies is Lansinoh. Not only are their products top quality, but they're also reasonably priced. Learn more in our Lansinoh Ultimate Guide!

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Pregnancy Freebies Every Mom Should Know About

mom holding baby bump

Trying to stock up on all the essential baby items can add up, but don’t sweat it—there are tons of baby freebies for you to take advantage of, mama!

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The Ultimate Guide to Pumping at Work

mom breastfeeding baby in public under blanket

Did you know that there are many benefits for employers who support their breastfeeding mothers? This article will discuss your rights to pumping at work and breastfeeding in public, sharing advice for both.

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The Ultimate Guide to Evenflo Breast Pumps

Evenflo Pump

Our guide to Evenflo Feeding is here to help you navigate the brand and its products. We’ll even provide advice and share information to assist you in seamlessly acquiring a breast pump through insurance at minimal or no cost!

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Everything You Need to Know About Medela Breast Pumps

Medela Pump

Our team here at Aeroflow Breastpumps can help you determine the specific coverage you receive under your insurance plan for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum equipment. Find out how to qualify for a Medela breast pump through insurance!

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