Many mamas are in disbelief after ordering their free breast pump through insurance. “That’s all?” is a commonly asked question. The qualify through insurance process is so simple that it has moms wondering if it is really that easy. The answer from our Breastpump Specialists is always the same: “Yes, it is that simple!”

Affordable Care Act & breast pump coverage

The Affordable Care Act and the Breastpump Specialists at Aeroflow make the process of getting a breast pump covered by insurance a structured and reliable process. Legislation under the recent health care reform statute requires that new and expectant mothers receive free breastfeeding support and supplies under most insurance plans. The keyword is most insurance plans — it is a big misconception that insurance has to cover a free breast pump. The truth is there are ways to get around the law, and rarely, some insurance plans do not provide coverage for a breast pump at no cost.

Aeroflow Breastpumps always tries to accommodate those who do not have breast pump benefits under their insurance plan by offering a 15% percent discount off our pumps at our retail store. That said, the good news it that the majority of insurance plans do have some type of coverage for a breast pump written into their benefit plans.

Anthem Blue Cross coverage

One example of an insurance company that has elected to provide payment for the costs of breastfeeding support is Anthem Blue Cross. They will cover the purchase of one double electric breast pump in conjunction with each pregnancy. Keep in mind, that does not mean you get free range to choose any breast pump that you want. They will only pay for what they consider “medically necessary.” That means they are not going to pay for convenience items such as totes, cooler bags or extra bottles.

However, that does mean they will pay for the double electric breast pump motor and all of its parts including the tubing, breast shields, valve, and two storage containers for you to pump into. In fact, most Anthem Blue Cross insurance plans will also pay for an additional six storage containers. That means less washing and more pumping for new mamas everywhere!

Aeroflow Breastpumps Resupply program

The good news isn’t over either. Many Anthem Blue Cross plans will also cover replacement parts for your pump through Aeroflow Breastpumps’ Resupply program. Approximately six weeks after your due date, a Breastpump Specialist will notify you via email and phone of your coverage. Replacement parts include all of the parts that connect to the breast pump motor including tubing, breast shields and valves.

Get started today!

As you can see, Anthem Blue Cross breast pump coverage is pretty remarkable. And if you are wondering, your insurance company’s coverage might be too! Aeroflow Breastpumps has a team of specialists waiting to verify your benefits.

The process takes only a few days to qualify and if you are expecting any day or just had your little one, don’t worry…we can definitely get on your case sooner and help you qualify faster. Check out the Qualify Through Insurance form to get started!