Tricare Insurance Guidelines cover a breast pump and breast pump supplies at no cost to you and your family. But what does that process look like? And what are the specific stipulations of your policy? We have the answers to all your questions!

What we need to qualify you for a Tricare breast pump:

  • A little bit of info — head over to our Qualify Through Insurance form and get started today! Once submitted online, we can quickly confirm your benefits.

  • On the Qualify form, when asked for your “Primary insurance info”, we need either the Tricare Sponsor’s social security number or the Tricare DOD Benefits Number in order to verify that your plan is active and primary.

  • A prescription for the breast pump from a Tricare authorized provider (Nurse practitioner, MD, nurse midwife, etc). If you do not have a prescription yet, your Breastpump Specialist will be happy to send a request to your Tricare-registered healthcare practitioner!

The Benefits of Tricare's Breast Pump Policy

In addition to covering a brand name, double-electric breast pump, Tricare will also cover additional pump supplies. Some, like breast pump storage bags, are one-time use and others, like new tubing, can help extend the life of your breast pump. Tricare will cover the following resupply items for up to 36 months after you give birth:

  • Storage bags

  • Standard power adapters

  • Tubing and tubing adaptors

  • Locking rings

  • Bottles and bottle caps

  • Breast shields/splash protectors

Tricare Covered Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

Tricare covers the rental of electric hospital-grade breast pumps and supplies only under medical necessity. This benefit may be available to those who are separated from their baby due to illness or are unable to feed directly from the breast for medical reasons.

If mom or baby do meet the criteria of medical necessity, we can provide the hospital-grade rental for the period of time prescribed by the physician. Once the rental period is over, mom is then covered for a personal use electric pump that is hers to keep!


Tricare does NOT cover the items listed below, but they are available for purchase on our shop page. If you have a Health Savings account (HSA), it can be used to purchase these accessories as well.

  • Breast pump batteries, battery-powered adapters, and battery packs

  • Regular “baby bottles” (Bottles not specific to pump operation), including associated nipples, caps, and lids

  • Travel bags and other similar carrying accessories

  • Breast pump cleaning supplies

  • Baby weight scales

  • Garments and other products that allow hands-free pump operation

  • Ice packs, labels, labeling lids, and other similar products

  • Nursing bras, bra pads, breast shells, and other similar products

  • Over-the-counter creams, ointments, and other products that relieve breastfeeding related symptoms or conditions of the breasts or nipples