Mental Health

Canopie Prenatal Classes for Maternal Mental Health: A Research-Backed Take on Motherhood Support

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Many challenges drive how we are feeling about the transition to motherhood and affect our mental health. But there are proven strategies to address these issues to protect our mental health and well-being in the transition to motherhood.

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5 Easy Mental Health Strategies for Pregnancy & Postpartum

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Just as important it is to maintain a balanced diet and take your prenatal vitamins, it’s equally important to care for your mental state. Take a look at our blog to learn more!

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Ultimate Guide: Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and Mental Disorders

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It is important to remember that you are not flawed or broken if you are experiencing signs or symptoms of postpartum depression. You are still an excellent mama, and there is help available to assist you in overcoming this challenging period of your life. Learn more in our blog!

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What Is The Impact Of Mental Health On Breastfeeding?

The postpartum period is one of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging periods of a woman’s entire life. Mothers who experience a lot of stress and those who have mental health symptoms emerge after having a baby are at risk of having problems with breastfeeding.

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5 Survival Tips for New Moms

Motherhood is hard. That might even be an understatement at times. From preparing to bring a little one into the world to the unpredictable journey of breastfeeding, sometimes you wonder what is best for your baby. In this day and age, Google can be a big help when your pediatrician’s office is closed or grandma isn’t around to answer questions, but sometimes you need a little boost in the right direction.

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