Canopie Prenatal Classes for Maternal Mental Health: A Research-Backed Take on Motherhood Support

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During your pregnancy, have you ever wondered…

             How do I get better, more restorative sleep when I’m uncomfortable?

             How do I protect my relationships once the baby is here?

             Is my anxiety impacting my baby’s development?

            How do I manage my fears around childbirth?

            Will I love and bond with my baby?

If so, you are not alone. Many of these challenges drive how we are feeling about the transition to motherhood and affect our mental health. But there are proven strategies to address these issues to protect our mental health and well-being in the transition to motherhood.

That’s why Canopie, our maternal mental health partner, offers virtual classes where expecting and new moms have access to experts and other moms going through the same things. It’s an evidence-based, judgment-free class series and community that relies on research-backed information to give you the support you need and deserve. 

A Glimpse into Maternal Mental Health

Maternal mental health in the United States faces a troubling reality marked by the pervasive prevalence of mental health disorders during the perinatal period. Studies indicate that approximately 1 in 5 women experience a maternal mental health disorder during pregnancy or within the first year postpartum (National Institute of Mental Health, 2020). Depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are among the most common diagnoses, with rates even higher among certain populations, such as low-income women and women of color (American Psychological Association, 2021). Despite the high incidence, shockingly low numbers of affected women receive adequate treatment. According to the American Psychological Association, as few as 15% of women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders receive professional help.

 “As few as 15% of women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders receive professional help.”

This concerning gap in care not only affects the well-being of mothers, but also has profound implications for the health and development of their infants. Maternal mental health issues can interfere with bonding, caregiving, and the overall quality of mother-child interactions. Additionally, untreated maternal mental health disorders have even been linked to adverse birth outcomes, including preterm birth and low birth weight (National Institute of Mental Health, 2022). Despite the known risks, the systemic barriers to accessing mental health care are still majorly at play, ultimately resulting in a failure to adequately support the mental health needs of mothers, no matter their stage.

Canopie is addressing this care gap through screening, support, and monitoring.


Introducing Canopie’s Community Prenatal Classes

By bringing down barriers to care (self-judgment, 2- or 3-month waitlists, costs, childcare, etc.), Canopie is bringing community and evidence-based therapeutic principles right to an expecting or new mother's fingertips through their app and virtual classes. 

Before we go further, you may be wondering, what is Canopie? Canopie has an app that supports all those seeking to care for their mental health throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Once Canopie gets to know the mom a bit—inquiring about emotional well-being goals, history, current support, and more—they create a custom audio and video program using cognitive behavioral therapy, compassionate mind training, and interpersonal therapy techniques for the mom to complete. It takes just minutes a day and is proven to boost low moods and reduce anxiety.

To build on their proven therapeutic mental health program, Canopie is now offering a unique, virtual community that allows moms to sit down with an expert, hear valuable advice, and have the opportunity to ask their own questions. Plus, they get to do this with other moms who are right there with them in the trenches of pregnancy and early motherhood. With topics ranging from sleep help and nutrition to childbirth prep and managing stress, it can help moms prepare for such a precious transition while helping them protect their own mental health and the development of their baby.

Why start a class series this robust? Because Canopie knows three key factors that are proven ways to help support mothers during this time that only a live, expert-led opportunity can provide:

Practical Tips & Research-Backed Education

Every class includes real takeaways for mom that help the understanding of when, why, and how things happen within the mind and body.

Evidence-Based Mental Health Coping Strategies

Every class is infused with proven techniques that one might find in a more clinical setting, but have been reimagined to be accessible and easy for mom.

Community With Others Like Them

There’s nothing like seeing the proof: you are not alone. These classes break down the walls of isolation and provide validation for all of motherhood's ups and downs.

And that’s the real life-changing combination to this class series—relying on proven, research-based strategies while making it as accessible for moms as possible. 

Here’s How Canopie’s Community Prenatal Classes Work

After you download the app

  • Make sure you’re an All-Access Member
  • Sign up for the classes in the Events tab in the app
  • Attend from your phone or computer
  • Be as involved as you’d like—listen, take notes, chime in (or not!)
  • Attend as many classes as you want—it’s unlimited!

All classes are held bi-weekly, so if you can’t make the class in one cycle, it will be available to you in two weeks to try and attend again. Canopie tries to make maternal mental health support as accessible as possible and never wants anyone to feel rushed. So, to every mother, they say: Take your time. Attend as you like. Learn as you go. 

And then you’re set to start experiencing real benefits. According to a recent study, community-based support is proven to help improve maternal health outcomes. And beyond scientific research, it’s common knowledge that validation and feeling seen just feels good. That’s why it was so important for Canopie to create a community series that wasn’t pre-recorded or chock-full of charts, graphs, and dozens of things to remember. The classes are about you and you finding the answers you crave (and learning from others about things you didn’t know you craved!). 

Canopie’s Prenatal Class Schedule


Babyproofing Your Relationship

When: Every Other Monday at 10am PST/1pm EST

Hosted By: Aretha Hampton, LCSW

Description: From love and sex to resentment and anger, relationships can drastically change after welcoming a new baby. This can be challenging, especially if we’re caught off guard. In this class, you'll first hear a brief introduction on how to protect  your relationships during this time of change, followed by time to directly ask your relationship questions to our expert instructor.

Bonding With Your Baby

When: Every Other Tuesday at 10am PST/1pm EST

Hosted By: Dr. Michelle Haggerty DO, MPH, ABOIM, NABBLM-C, IBCLC, PMH-C, RYT-200

Description: Did you know, 60% of first-time moms don’t feel bonded to their baby at first? That can be distressing, but let us assure you—it is common! In this class, you'll learn proven methods to increase bonding in both pregnancy and postpartum, plus have a chance to connect with other mothers with similar questions and concerns.

Eating for Growth, Development, and Nourishment

When: Every Other Wednesday at 10am PST/1pm EST

Hosted By: Janine Higbie, Registered Dietitian

Description: Did you know that vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy is associated with some pretty unwanted symptoms, like poor sleep, fatigue, and musculoskeletal pain? Because nutrition is important for both your comfort and the development of your baby, this class covers it all, from growth in pregnancy to postpartum recovery.

Preparing the Mind, Body, and Being for Childbirth

When: Every Other Friday at 10am PST/1pm EST

Hosted By: Lisa Tremayne, RN, PMH-C, CBC

Description: Here's the truth: it's not just your body that's pregnant. It's your mind and being, too. In this class, our expert instructor will review practical ways to manage pain and discomfort while also sharing ways to ease worries and anxieties around childbirth as you enter postpartum.

Managing Stress & Worries

When: Every Other Tuesday at 10am PST/1pm EST

Hosted By: Dr. Akilah Reynolds, Licensed Psychologist

Description: It's no secret that pregnancy can be a stressful time, and while stress and anxiety can be challenging, there are strategies for healthy coping that can help ease the hardest parts. In this class, you will learn real ways to manage stress and worries, plus garner support from your fellow moms-to-be who are going through a similar transition. 

Mom & Baby Sleep

When: Every Other Wednesday at 10am PST/1pm EST

Hosted By: Gloria Lopez, LMHC

Description: Sleep is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy and postpartum. And with so many rules around routines and safety for baby, on top of feeding and mom's recovery, mom-and-baby sleep tends to become a pain point for most. In this class, you will learn what is normal for the early stages of baby's life for both you and your new little one, and you'll have plenty of time to ask your personal questions for better sleep.

What I Wish I Had Time to Tell My Patients

When: Every Other Thursday at 10am PST/1pm EST

Hosted By: Dr. Monique Rainford, OB-GYN

Description: Are there things about your pregnancy that you feel a bit ...bashful... about? Like, are there rules to sex during pregnancy? Or, what is going on with my discharge? We could go on and on... That's why we have a whole class dedicated to the weird, vulnerable, and confusing moments of pregnancy and beyond. Our expert OB-GYN will walk you through moments she finds most moms feel shy about, plus you'll have a safe space to ask your questions, no matter the topic (spoiler alert—it's probably totally normal!).

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Anne Wanlund, Co-Founder & CEO of Canopie

Anne is a maternal mental health advocate and mom of a spunky toddler. Canopie’s signature programs use clinically-validated techniques to make calmer, healthier, and more resilient moms in just twelve days. 

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