3rd Trimester

Pregnancy Freebies Every Mom Should Know About

mom holding baby bump

Trying to stock up on all the essential baby items can add up, but don’t sweat it—there are tons of baby freebies for you to take advantage of, mama!

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What to Pack in your Hospital Bag: What to bring and not to bring and why

pregnant mom packing hospital bag

Having your “go-bag” packed and sitting by the front door or in the trunk of your car can bring you peace of mind and prevent you from having to pack a bag between contractions. You can use our checklist as you pack your bags for the big day.

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What Is A Gentle C-Section

C-Section Mom and Newborn Baby

With nearly a third of all U.S. deliveries occurring via cesarean section, it’s no surprise that healthcare providers and families alike are working to improve outcomes and the overall birth experience associated with surgical delivery. While the risks and health impacts of c-sections have long been studied, the emotional and psychological impacts have often been overlooked. Gentle cesarean sections (sometimes called family-centered cesarean sections) offer a solution that serves to improve both psychological and physical outcomes for parents and newborns.  

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Best Pregnancy Exercises to Prepare for Childbirth

Physical activity during pregnancy can help you stay strong and comfortable as your body grows. Once you reach the third trimester, you might find that your body wants to slow down. So how do we keep up with the benefits of exercise & staying strong for labor when our bodies don’t want to do much? These are the best exercises to focus on during the third trimester to stay prepared for labor, delivery, and postpartum. 

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Labor and Birthing Positions for a Comfortable Delivery

One thing that is often left out of pregnancy decision-making is choosing which birthing positions to use during labor and delivery. The most popular birthing position in the U.S. is the semi-sitting, or lithotomy position. This position has become popular over time because it facilitates labor and delivery interventions, such as forceps or placement of a vacuum. 

However, there are a myriad of other birthing and delivery positions, all of which have their own pros and cons.

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How to Prepare for Breastfeeding

It’s hard to know how breastfeeding will go as there are so many mixed messages floating around. For some moms, breastfeeding initiation does go smoothly. Other moms encounter breastfeeding challenges, such as difficulty latching, low breast milk supply, tongue tie, and/or pain and discomfort while feeding. The important thing to remember is that help is available! As you're preparing to embark on your breastfeeding journey, here's a list of things you might want to do before your baby arrives to set you and your baby up for breastfeeding success.

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Compression Socks: Benefits During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Swelling during pregnancy and postpartum is common, but compression socks can help keep the discomfort of leg swelling at bay.

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Belly Bands: Are They Worth It?

Pregnancy is hard on the body. In just a few short months, pregnant women experience weight gain, loose ligaments, and a shifting center of gravity. Our bodies shift around to accommodate, and we often notice changes in how we stand, walk, and move around throughout the day. This can lead to back pain, pelvic pain, and wild changes in balance for pregnant women. Fortunately, support is out there!

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Prenatal Massage: Benefits and Precautions

Prenatal massage can provide welcome relief to a growing pregnant body. Massage can offer many benefits, including reduced back and leg pain and improved mood. If you’re pregnant and considering prenatal massage to address your ache and pains, there are a few things to consider before you hop on the table.

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What is a Birth Plan and Should You Have One?

Preparing a birth plan is great way to be proactive and avoid any miscommunications and unwanted stress on your big day. Of course you won’t be able to control everything that happens, but a birthing plan will give you the opportunity to outline your personal wishes and preferences for your labor and delivery.

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