Open System or Closed System Breast Pump?

One thing that most mothers look for when choosing a breast pump is weather it has an open or closed system, but what do you really need to know? It should be noted that while most moms prefer a closed system, it has no relation to the amount of suction that a pump has. It also has no effect on how safe the pump is to use.

There is a misconception that an open system motor is not safe for you and baby. However, all breast pumps are regulated by the FDA, some just take a little more care than others.

Open System Breast Pumps

Having an open system pump means that there is no barrier that stops your breast milk from going into the tubing during a pumping session. Sometimes this can create an issue when the pumping kit is not cleaned and dried properly. If there is any retained moisture this can cause a build-up of mold or bacteria in the motor or tubing.

Closed System Breast Pumps

Many brands of breast pumps now offer what is referred to as a closed system pump. This means that there is a barrier that does not allow the milk to come in contact with the tubing in your pumping kit, allowing it to go straight from breast to bottle.

Which breast pumps have closed systems?

Having a closed system breast pump may save you some time when it comes to keeping your parts clean, although it’s still recommended that you clean them out periodically and make sure that they stay dry. It should be noted that just because a pump has a closed system, this does not mean that it should be shared with other moms. The only pumps that are safe to share are hospital grade pumps like the Medela Symphony and can only be shared using your own pumping kit.

Open System vs. Closed System Breast Pumps

Choosing a reliable pump that you can trust is a big decision, but only you can decide on the pump that's right for you. Many moms find that a breast pump having a closed system is a huge factor in their decision making. In the end, we know that you will always do what’s right for you and your family!

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