The open and closed system breast pump should be noted to have the same affect towards suction value and milk dispersion. The main difference between the two systems is the cleaning method after a pumping session.

Open System Breast Pump

Medela is primarily the only company that does carry an open system. Medela instructs users to let the motor run a little bit longer after they are done pumping to help clear up the tubing. This allows any excess milk that was in the system to run clean and not cause any residue left in the motor.

Nevertheless, an open system does not prevent back flow, so this step must be completed for the safety of the breast milk. The pump tubing should be cleaned as well. Furthermore, Medela offers steam bags that allow the cleaning process to be even easier! You would just need to place the tubing, and any some other parts, in the steam bag with water and microwave it.

Closed System Breast Pump

A closed system breast pump is found in Ameda, Spectra, hospital grade pumps, and the Medela Freestyle.

The closed system is found to have a higher suction value for the Spectra and hospital grade brands. That means the closed system pump doesn’t allow back flow of breast milk back into the motor or tubing. This also makes the cleaning process a little faster and sanitary for mom and baby. A closed system breast pump allows for multiple users, though stated by the FDA that is it for hospital grade breast pumps.

Qualify Through Insurance

In conclusion, deciding between using the open or closed system breast pump is something the mother needs to think about in what is best suited for her and her baby. Holding discussions with your doctor and/or lactation consultant will really help put you at ease with making your decision.

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