We Heart Our Mamas

All throughout February, we’re celebrating the strength, determination and selflessness of our incredible mamas! Each month, we receive hundreds of stories and photos as part of our Mother Pumper program. We read and appreciate each story, and we know you will too!

Akira, one of Aeroflow Breastpump's Mother Pumpers.


“When I had my emergency c-section, my first thought was ‘when will the milk come in?’ Though it took about a week for the milk to come in and my son was impatient, I wasn't going to give up. I've been exclusively pumping for a year now and I'm just blessed to have such a beautiful son.” - Akira B.

“I did not consider breastfeeding when I gave birth to my first son over 11 years ago. After having to go through IVF my husband and I decided breast feeding would be the best thing for our newborn. Several complications during pregnancy and an early emergency C-section later we have our healthy baby boy who is now four months old I have exclusively been pumping and breastfeeding him and I never imagined this great accomplishment was possible! My goal is to breastfeed and pump as long as I can!” - Juanny G.


“I found out at my daughter's 20-week anatomy scan that she had a couple of heart defects, along with a few organ displacements. She was born early and taken into the NICU. I was already planning on breastfeeding, the only thing that changed was I was exclusively pumping. We spent 2 months living in the hospital, she wasn't able to have much milk until she was almost 2 months old, during that time I was sharing my supply with other moms who were in the hospital too. After 4 surgeries we went home and she had an NG tube for 4 months, and I pumped the entire time, even 2 months after. Eventually I lost most of my supply and couldn't keep up. I am now expecting another sweet baby and I plan on breastfeeding again! Hoping this time around I am not strictly pumping!” - Kitana H.

Cynthia, one of Aeroflow Breastpump's Mother Pumpers.  

“I was super worried about going back to work plus pumping... Thank God my work place built a nice nursery room where am able to pump 3 times a day..it’s super hard have to work at a warehouse environment and pump but so worth it a lot of people have told me to give him formula so I can have a break but I want for my baby only the best and I know it will be noticeable when he is older and healthy as his big sister (she breastfeed for 3 years) my goal with my LO is one year but I am not stopping there if we are not ready! Boobs are awesome!!!!” - Cynthia F.

“I am a new mom to triplets! They were born 12 weeks early in October and have been on breast milk since they have been able to eat. It has been a struggle, but I am happy to say that all 3 of my girls are still eating breast milk! All 3 started in the NICU and now only one is still there. I exclusively pumped and carried my milk to them, but now that two of my girls are home, we have been working on nursing from the breast. Wish me luck!” - Veronica M.

“My baby had latch problems in the beginning and I had no choice but to start pumping! Thanks to Aeroflow I was able to get a spectra breast pump through my insurance and start feeding my baby! The pump is great and I’ve already built a stash in my freezer and donated to 2 local mommas! So thankful I didn’t even have to make any phone calls or anything. The process was great!” - Courtney T.

“I'm a researcher. Because of my working schedule of many experiments a day and having to attend conferences out of town, my milk supply was getting low over the months after my first son was born, despite pumping when I had time. For my second son, I decided to be a pumper on the go... Taking my pump everywhere! I'm happy for being able to breastfeed both of my sons, but I'm proud of myself for overpassing my previous 8 months mark now and having a freezer full of breastmilk bags just in case!” - Ana P.

Portia, one of Aeroflow Breastpump's Mother Pumpers.  

“The things we do for our kids. It was 37* outside at 7:30am. Power went out at 9:30 the night before. Batteries were dead. I sat in the car pumping because my boobs were about to explode. I breastfed till I got sick around 4mo. Realized he wasn't getting enough to eat so I started exclusively pumping to help monitor his intake. We're now at 7mo going strong.”- Chelsey S.

“Breastfeeding was so difficult, at first. It was painful, and my son's mouth was so small, I thought he'd never be able to latch on. I was devastated that we wouldn't have that particular bonding opportunity together. As a new, single mom, I was unable to afford an electric breastpump. I tried the handheld pump and it help some but not enough to clear my ducts. Where ther is a will, I was sure to find a way to successfully breastfeed. I met with a lactation consultant who advised me to check with my insurance to see if I qualified for a FREE breastpump. By the grace of God I did. I asked my O.B. for the prescription and contacted Aeroflow. Within a few days I received a brand new electric Medela Breastpump. Since then, I have been dubbed Southernhills Hospital's very own Milk Goddess. None of this would have been possible had it not been for Aeroflow providing such quality equipment for breastfeeding mother.” - Portia H.

“I gave birth to my first baby in September, I had an amazing unmediated nature birth. We both struggled learning the ropes of breast feeding. Including lip/tongue ties and several chiropractial alignments to adjust one sided feeding and reflux. I was determined to make it through the struggle is real but we did it! 4 months going strong!” - Hanna M.