From picking out clothes to the high chair to the bassinet, creating a baby registry can be fun. It is even more exciting when you start to see friends and family buy things baby needs. However, it can also be disheartening when some of the bigger ticket items are not purchased, one of those being a breast pump.

Breast pumps & more through insurance

Having a baby gets pricey, and Aeroflow Breastpumps knows that. The good news is that we can help you check a breast pump off your to do list! Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, new and expectant mothers can get breastfeeding support and supplies through most insurance plans. In more simpler terms, that could mean a free Spectra S2PLUS or Spectra 9PLUS Breast Pump shipped to your door at no cost to you or your family.

So you got your breast pump, now what's next?

So you got your new Spectra breast pump through insurance…now what do you need? Aeroflow’s online store carries the trendiest, must have Spectra breast pump accessories. Check out some of our tried and tested mom favorites below!

  • Spectra Tote Breast Pump. For only $29.99, you can get Spectra’s sleek, black tote bag to store your breast pump and other pumping accessories in. Others won’t even notice there is a pump in there as it can also double as a cute hand bag when your pumping days are over!
  • Spectra Cooler Kit with Ice Pack, 2 Bottles. They don’t call breast milk liquid gold for nothing! Whether you are on the go a little bit or a lot, you will need an insulated cooler bag to store your precious goods in when you are out and about. The gel freezer ice pack will also add an extra barrier of preservation. Plus, you get two extra bottles. Did we mention they are BPA free? Baby will be safe and happy using Spectra’s products.
  • Spectra Disposable Breast Milk Bags (30 ct.) If you are lucky enough to get to store extra milk in the fridge or freezer, be sure to check out Spectra’s freezer storage bags. They are durable (double lined to be exact), pre-sterilized and like the rest of their products, BPA free. If you have pumped before, you know how much space breast milk can take up. However, Spectra’s breast milk bags are self standing for easy storage in the freezer, saving space for other items in the freezer.
  • Spectra Silicone Massagers. Need that added “push” to get your milk flowing? Try Spectra’s silicone massagers. They can be used with Spectra breast shields while pumping to help increase milk flow. They are also super comfy too!
  • Many new mamas also like to have an extra set of pumping accessories such as tubing, breast shields, and more. The Spectra Premium Accessory Kit for Double Electric Breast Pumps is a smart thing to keep on hand in case something happens to one of your parts. The kit includes extra tubing, backflow protectors, valve heads, breast shields, nipples and storage containers.

Aeroflow Breastpumps resupply for parts and accessories

Thanks to Aeroflow Breastpumps’ resupply program, you could get your breast pump accessories for free — some insurance plans will cover the cost of replacement supplies for moms. If you received your free Spectra breast pump from insurance through us and qualify for replacement parts, you will be notified via email and phone approximately six to eight weeks after your due date or child’s birth. All it takes to get them is a quick verification of your address and the parts ship via United States Postal Service. Depending on where you live, it usually only takes one to two weeks to reach you.

Between your friends and family and Aeroflow Breastpumps' Resupply Program, you're all set for parenthood! Congratulations, mama!

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