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From picking out clothes to finding the right high chair to a perfect bassinet, creating a baby registry can be fun. It is even more exciting when you start to see friends and family buy things that your baby needs. However, it can also be disheartening when some of the bigger ticket items are not purchased, especially if one of the items missing is a breast pump.

But don’t stress yet! With help from your insurance (and our team here at Aeroflow), you can have a breast pump delivered straight to your door at little to no cost to you. And there’s more good news: we now stock one of our favorite breast pumps and accessory brands for new and experienced moms—Spectra.

All About Spectra

​​One of our top-selling and award-winning brands is Spectra. Several of their pumps are now available through our website (and can be fully or partially covered by insurance!), and they are great for all moms, new or seasoned. The breast pumps we offer are the Spectra S1 PLUS, Spectra S2 PLUS, Spectra Synergy Gold, Spectra Synergy Gold (Portable), and the Spectra 9 PLUS.

Spectra originated in South Korea and is a newer brand in the United States market. Based out of South Florida, this breast pump and accessory brand was created by moms for moms, so they know firsthand the highs and lows of breastfeeding and pumping. They leveraged their Natural Nursing Technology to become the #1 recommended breast pump brand by certified lactation instructors across the world, and have won several awards for their various products.

Spectra Closed System Breast Pump

One great feature from the brand is that the breast pumps have a closed system. A closed system doesn’t allow the backflow of breast milk to return to the motor or the system. It also doesn’t allow bacteria, dust, or any particles to contaminate the breast milk, so your baby is shielded from harmful bacteria and viruses, and you can pump worry-free. Additionally, Spectra’s suction is among one of the strongest of all the pumps provided by Aeroflow starting at suction strength of 270 mmHg (with adjustable suction levels).

Slim, Portable, Rechargeable

The days of carrying around a hefty, oversized breast pump are over…woohoo! Not to mention, many of those bulky breast pumps require you to be near a power outlet for use. Who has time for that?

While the pump does include an AC power adapter (so you have the option of plugging into a socket), it is known for its internal rechargeable battery that lets you pump whenever, wherever. With a battery life lasting between two and three hours, you don’t have to worry about it dying on you when you need it the most.

Spectra breast pumps are ideal for all types of moms. Between errands and extracurricular activities, stay-at-home moms are out and about just as much as working mothers. If you are a stay-at-home mom, the convenience of being able to pump anywhere around the house without being tied up to a pesky power cord is unbeatable. Plus, you can pump in the car while out running errands or taking other siblings to and from school. 

Customize Every Pumping Session

Not only are the Spectra pumps the model breast pumps for busy mamas, they’re also made for moms who want to be able to customize their breast pump settings with one touch. Some models have 2-phase cycling, a let-down button, and an expression mode, so you can regulate your pumping settings according to your needs. They also have an LCD digital display with two different levels of lighting, which come in handy during those late-night pumping sessions. 

One of the best features of this pump is how quiet it is—no one will hear you as you pump from bed and your coworkers won’t have a clue when you pump at work. Many mamas like the comfort of skin-to-skin contact that breastfeeding offers, so if you like to nurse on one breast and pump on the other, you can single and double pump with ease.

How To Choose a Spectra Pump

The Spectra S2 PLUS is the basic model available through Spectra. This model comes with a motor, an AC adaptor that plugs into the wall, two storage containers, breast shields, breast flanges, and tubing. The Spectra 9PLUS pump weighs only one pound and can easily slip into a diaper bag or backpack. It is so small it can fit into most medium-sized handbags. It is one of the slimmest pumps on the market right now. The Spectra S1 PLUS is considered an upgrade option and requires additional out-of-pocket costs. This said, the advantage of this hospital strength breast pump is that it has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three hours, which is incredibly convenient in the event of a power outage or when access to electrical outlets is limited, like on a long car ride. It also has a night light so you can pump at any hour! This is also a great benefit for moms on the go or moms returning to the office.


Additionally, each pump comes with a two-year warranty for the motor. This means that if anything happens to the motor over the next two years, you can contact Spectra directly and they will help you troubleshoot any issues. These pumps have been proven to be great for moms looking for smaller, more reliable breast pumps to take on the go or to use at home.

So You Got Your Spectra Breast Pump, Now What?

Now that you’ve got your new Spectra breast pump, you may be wondering: “What else do I need?” Our online store carries additional Spectra breast pump accessories to complement your new electric pump. Here are some of our tried and tested mom favorites:


  • Spectra Bottle Adapter: Most second-time moms have a collection of bottles they want to use. These adaptors fit on narrow-necked bottles with a Spectra brand wide-neck shield. The short of it: you can use them to pump directly into other bottles, like Medela's or Dr. Brown's!
  • Spectra Cooler Kit with Ice Pack & 2 Bottles: They don’t call breast milk “liquid gold” for nothing! If you’re pumping on the go, you will need an insulated cooler bag to store your milk while you’re out and about. The gel freezer ice pack will also add an extra barrier to assist in preservation (plus, you get two extra bottles). Did we mention they are BPA-free?
  • Spectra Disposable Breast Milk Bags (30 ct.): If you’re lucky enough to pump enough milk to store extra in the fridge or freezer, you’ll need some Spectra freezer storage bags. They are durable and double-lined, pre-sterilized, and, like the rest of their products, BPA-free. If you have pumped before, you know how much space breast milk can take up. With Spectra’s self-standing breast milk bags, there’s no need to ditch that pint of ice cream to make room for baby’s milk.
  • Spectra Breast Pump Flange: Save yourself time, sleep, and sanity with some extra accessories. This wide-neck breast shield is for use with Spectra wide-neck bottles to store your breast milk. The Spectra flange is compatible with the Spectra S1 PLUS, S1, S2 PLUS, S2, 9PLUS, DEW 350, and M1 breast pumps and comes in three sizes: 24mm, 28mm, and 32mm. You can learn more about your flange size here.
  • Spectra CaraCups: New to the Aeroflow site, these popular CaraCaups make hands-free pumping safe, convenient, and easy. They feature a closed system and are compatible with all Spectra breast pumps. Just place them inside your bra and let them get to work.

Spectra Accessory Kits

Not sure where to start? We’ve curated three kits that are specifically designed to provide new (or experienced) moms with everything they need to begin their breastfeeding and pumping journey. The Spectra Pumping Essentials Bundle includes 30 breast milk storage bags, a set of two wide-neck milk collection containers, and two small cap bottle converters. The Spectra Premium Accessory Kit for Double Electric Breast Pumps is also great to have on hand in case something happens to one of your parts. The kit includes extra tubing, backflow protectors, valve heads, breast shields, nipples, and storage containers.


We also carry a Spectra Synergy Gold Premium Accessory Kit for the Synergy Gold line of pumps. The bundle comes with a replacement breastshield (24mm or 28mm), a 5oz Synergy GOld Milk Bottle (complete with nipple, cap, disc, and cover), a backflow protector, duckbill valve, tubing, and an adapter end. It’s recommended that you replace your breast pump parts every three months, so our Replacement Parts Bundle is essential to keeping your pump working at optimal efficiency. The kit includes two tubing replacements, two backflow protectors, and two duckbill valves.

Qualify Through Insurance for Your Spectra Breast Pump


Moms, if you are interested in the Spectra, let us help! We will contact your insurance company and check your coverage for you to see if a pump is covered for free. Please complete our Qualify Through Insurance form to begin the process and see if you’re qualified for an insurance-provided breast pump. We also have lactation consultants for any questions you may have along the way. 


Some insurance plans will also cover the cost of replacement supplies for moms. If you received your free breast pump from insurance through us and qualify for Spectra breast pump replacement parts, you will be notified via email and phone approximately six to eight weeks after your due date or your child’s birthdate. They’ll just quickly verify your address and the parts will ship via the United States Postal Service. Depending on where you live, it usually only takes one to two weeks to reach you.

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