Benefits of Breastfeeding

There are a number of reasons why mothers choose to breastfeed. No matter the reason, it is important to know why breastfeeding is important for not only your child, but for you as well. Below is a list of a just a few of the benefits of breastfeeding. Please consult your local lactation personnel for more in depth questions and how breastfeeding can work for you.

Breastfeeding Benefits for Mothers

Breastfeeding can lower your health risks.

Mothers who breastfeed have a lower risk of health problems than those who don’t. Type 2 diabetes, certain types of breast cancer, and ovarian cancer are just a few health risks that are decreased by breastfeeding.

Skin-to-Skin contact.

The skin to skin contact associated with breastfeeding releases a mother’s oxytocin levels. When these levels are elevated, they have a calming and bonding effect between a mother and her baby. Oxytocin is also able to raise your body temperature.

Breastfeeding can save money.

Baby formula and feeding products can be expensive. If you breastfeed, buying formula is a cost that you won’t have to incur.

Breastfeeding can save you time.

Breastfeeding can reduce the amount of times you go into the doctor's office by keeping you and your newborn healthier. You also don’t have to spend a bunch of time heating/making milk--just energy creating breast milk!

Breastfeeding can help you lose weight.

Another breastfeeding benefit is the accelerated rate of weight loss. It takes energy for your body to produce breast milk and this can accelerate weight loss and caloric expenditure. Not to mention getting you in shape to chase after your baby!

And finally, be proud! You are a parent of a beautiful new child and are doing a great job!

Breastfeeding Benefits for Babies

A healthier baby for life!

Breastfeeding can lower the risk of gastrointestinal and diarrheal infections, ear infections, respiratory infections, allergies, cancer, diabetes, childhood obesity, heart disease, eczema, necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). If you’ve got breast milk, set your baby up for success in life!

Breast milk is easier for digestion.

Since breast milk is from a mother, it is biologically created for a baby’s digestive system. Formula contains proteins from cow’s milk or other sources which takes a baby’s stomach time to adjust to and doesn’t coat the child's stomach with the nutrient rich enzymes needed for a healthier life.

Custom made milk supply.

It might sound crazy, but your body and your baby's body talk constantly while breastfeeding. Your milk supply caters to what your baby needs, making your milk not only the healthiest option but the best specifically for your child.

Skin-to-Skin contact.

Skin-to-skin between you and your baby stabilizes your baby’s body heat as they adjust to the outside world. It also reduces the amount of crying, making for a happier baby and mother!

Breast milk adapts to your baby’s growth.

As your baby gets older, the type of milk your body produces changes to match their developmental needs and quantity.

So no matter what your personal choice for breastfeeding is, the benefits are substantial! If you are interested in breastfeeding, and want to see how you can get qualified through insurance for a breast pump, you can reach us here, toll free, at 844-867-9890. We look forward to hearing from you!

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