Sleep is a big topic for new parents, because having a newborn can throw everything off. It is very likely that you aren’t sleeping as well as you were a before your baby arrived! Being overtired can amplify stress and cause emotions to run high, so try to stay grounded as you navigate life in a sleep-deprived state. Whether you are co-sleeping or putting your baby in a crib at night, you’re probably waking up frequently to breastfeed. During the first month, babies will have varying feeding habits. Some babies will sleep long stretches without waking to nurse and some want to nurse for hours at a time. As long as your baby is healthy, you shouldn’t worry about whether your baby is sticking to a “normal” routine.

Two Tips For Breastfeeding and Sleeping

  • Some parents find that co-sleeping or having the baby in the room at night helps them get better sleep, because they have less distance to travel to feed or comfort the baby. It is important to make this decision based on what makes you feel most comfortable.
  • You can begin using your breast pump to store milk in order to give your partner the opportunity to feed the baby during the night. This can help your partner have bonding time and share the responsibilities of midnight feeding. It will also gives you a chance to practice setting up and using your pump.

Note: You may be eligible for new breast pump supplies such as tubing and bottles through your insurance every six weeks. It is good to have an extra set of supplies and to replace any damaged parts as soon as possible.

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