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**NOTE: Shipment of breast pump supplies requires a valid USPS address, which may differ from the FedEx address provided for breast pump shipment.**

*No breast shield/flange size substitutions available.

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I am still pumping and in need of new breast pumping supplies due to build-up of bacteria, discoloration and/or decline in performance of breast pumping supplies. I agree to Aeroflow Breastpumps' Resupply Terms and Conditions.

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Because New Supplies Matter

Does your tubing and parts look a bit worn or have they been damaged? Are you noticing decreased performance? Did you know it can actually be dangerous to continue using old or dirty parts? While many Moms are very thoughtful about choosing the right pump, they don't always consider the importance of replacing their breast pump parts on a regular basis.

New replacement parts can help bring your pump back to like-new condition and extend your pump's life. And having an extra set of parts on hand can ensure you do not have any interruptions in your breastfeeding routine.

Aeroflow Breastpumps Offers Resupply Kits

Aeroflow Breastpumps' team of dedicated Breastpump Specialists will work directly with your insurance carrier and determine the specific benefits outlined by your policy. If your policy offers ongoing coverage for breastfeeding supplies in addition to coverage of a breast pump, Aeroflow will help make reordering those supplies a breeze!

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