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Cleaning and replacing breast pump parts can be a pain, right? However, it is important to make sure that your parts are properly cleaned, stored and regularly replaced.

The CDC recently updated breast pump kit cleaning guidelines as a reference for keeping your pump parts free of germs and milk residue. Aeroflow Breastpumps wants to remind you of the importance of replacing tubing, flanges and milk storage containers that come FREE through insurance.

Your breast pump parts become worn out over time and have the potential to breed bacteria if not properly cared for. Be sure to follow the new CDC guidelines listed below for cleaning and replace your pumping supplies on a regular basis.

  • If you ever notice mold growth in your tubing, throw it away immediately and replace it with new tubing.
  • If you get water in your tubing, unplug the end that is connected to the flange/container end, but leave it connected to the pump. Continue to run your pump for a few minutes to push air through the tubes until they are dry.
  • Always wash the parts that come in contact with the milk thoroughly after using your pump. Sanitize them once daily before storing for extra protection. You can steam or boil the parts to be sure they are free from bacteria.
  • Wash your hands and the surfaces you set up your pump and parts on before and after pumping.

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