If you’re a new mother and plan on staying at home with your little one, you might be wondering why stay at home moms need breastpumps. It’s a very valid question that our breastpump specialists at Aeroflow Healthcare get asked often. While you might not be working away from the home or traveling much, being a stay at home mom is a full time job and it is hard work! We have outlined a list of reasons that may help you decide why you’ll require a breastpump in the home.

  • Breastfeeding is such a special experience that new mommies get to share with their infant. It allows for baby and mother to begin to build a beautiful connection and relationship. If your partner is able to participate in feeding, it too creates a unique bond between baby and the other parent. If you want to help in the growth of that relationship, having a breastpump gives them the opportunity to do so. Pumping allows you to store milk so that the other parent can feed the baby too, permitting them to form their own union.
  • Date nights! We know this time is insanely busy but after everything, you deserve a night out once in awhile. Having a breastpump allows you to do so giving you an extra supply of milk in the fridge for the babysitter or grandparents.
  • Just because it’s called a “stay at home” mom does not mean you’re always at home. There are still lots of things around the house and errands to be ran. Having a breastpump means that you can store milk for the sitter so you be out and about or it means you can pump on the go. Our Medela Pump In Style Advanced On The Go Tote upgrade breastpump comes with a trendy black bag, battery pack, freezer bag, ice pack, and storage containers so that you can pump wherever you might need to be.
  • A critical reason why a lot of stay at home moms need breastpumps is that it helps relieve engorgement. Depending on your milk supply, it may be totally necessary for you to have one so that you can pump while you are not breasfeeding the baby, helping alleviate engorgement of your breasts.

A major reason why you should get a breastpump is that it could be FREE for you so why not take advantage of the benefit?   Under the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans are required to cover the costs of a breastpump and breastfeeding supplies. The process to find out if you’re eligible is simple. A few clicks away is our Qualify Through Insurance form online. Once you get that filled out, a dedicated breastpump specialist will verify your insurance benfits and give you a call within a couple of days with the information. It’s easy, fast, and FREE. Did we mention that we ship it right to your front door? Click here to get started or for more immediate assistance call us directly at (844)867-9890. We look forward to assisting you!