Breast Pump Brands & Styles

Aeroflow Breastpumps offers double and single electric breast pumps from Medela, Spectra, Ameda, Lansinoh and Evenflo. Along with the pumps, upgrade options including accessories are available as well. This makes breast pumping easier for mom and baby!

Breast Pumps Offered by Aeroflow

Medela, Spectra, Motif Medical, and Ameda are leaders in the breast pump game. All pumps carried by Aeroflow are backed by research that proves they are tried and tested to help mom meet her breastfeeding goals.

  • Medela pumps available through Aeroflow include the PNSA Starter Set, the On-The-Go-Tote (also styled as a backpack), the PNSA Metro bag, and the Freestyle.
  • The Spectra options include the S1PLUS and S2PLUS.
  • Ameda options follow with the Purely Yours and the Purely Yours Ultra.

The basic pump models are the Starter Set, S2PLUS, and the Purely Yours, and can be compared with all of the basic pumps available on Aeroflow's Pump Comparison Chart.

Upgrade Pumps

Pump upgrade options include more accessories and offer moms a bit more bang for the buck. Aeroflow upgrade pumps include the On-The-Go-Tote/Backpack, Metro bag, Freestyle, S1PLUS, and the Purely Yours Ultra. These options provide you with accessories that allow you to be more mobile and organized.

Open vs. Closed Systems

One common feature in breast pumps is an open or closed system. Spectra, Lansinoh and Ameda offer closed system breast pumps, while Medela offers an open system option. Many moms feel like a closed system is crucial for keeping their milk sanitary, but open system pumps are easy to keep clean!

A closed system means there is a barrier that prevents backflow of the breast milk back into the pump. This prevents bacteria, mold, or particles from contaminating the milk. An open system can tend to allow milk to overflow into the collection tubing—leading to milk staying in the motor area. To prevent this from happening, allow the pump to run after you are done pumping to ensure all of the milk has been removed from the system. Clean the tubing after each use, and you're good to go!

Manual & Hospital Grade Pumps

Aeroflow also carries manual and hospital grade pumps to meet the needs of all moms. The Medela Harmony is a quality choice for moms who want a manual breast pump. This a single breast pump that is hand operated with no battery or motor required.

The Medela Symphony is the hospital grade pump. Hospital grade pumps can be rented monthly and require a prescription. The suction value is the strongest in comparison to double and single electric breast pumps. Hospital grade pumps use a closed system as well, but these are allowed for multiple users. They are generally rented through the hospital or provided in hospitals for mom’s use. Some insurance policies help pay the rental fee, but some do not.

If you’re interested in a breast pump, Aeroflow Breastpumps can help you! Through Aeroflow, you can apply to find out if the pump of your choice is covered through your insurance — for free! This is all in thanks to the Affordable Care Act compliant insurance policies. Please complete the Qualify Through Insurance link to see if you’re qualified for a breast pump. Let us start working on your breast pump needs for you!

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