Preparing for Postpartum? Lansinoh’s Birth Recovery Products Can Help

In a 2020 survey by Aeroflow Breastpumps, 3 out of 4 new moms reported they were not given information or guidance regarding any products or medical devices that may have helped with their physical recovery during the postpartum period. Similarly, in a survey by Lansinoh, nearly 70% of new moms said they had unrealistic recovery expectations. Only 11% created a plan for their own recovery, and 90% of those moms would recommend other new moms spend more time preparing for their own recovery after giving birth. 

These statistics are unacceptable, and they highlight a huge gap in support and education regarding maternal health. With the help of Lansinoh’s new line of birth recovery products, we hope to improve the postpartum experience by making sure moms have access to the best products and resources. Read on to learn how Lansinoh’s simple, safe, and research-backed birth recovery line can make a world of difference in your level of comfort and promote healing. 

Lansinoh Recovery Bundle

The Lansinoh Birth Recovery Bundle has three must-have items: a peri wash bottle, an herbal postpartum spray, and two reusable hot and cold postpartum therapy packs with 12 disposable sleeves. Wondering how they work?

  • The peri wash bottle is essential for cleansing sore, tender areas after birth – especially when using the bathroom. The upside-down design with an angled collapsible spout helps to cleanse hard-to-reach areas and it even comes with a travel bag for easy storage and portability!
  • The 99% natural herbal postpartum spray is made with a safe blend of natural plant-based ingredients including witch hazel, organic aloe, and calendula to cool and soothe a sore, tender perineum. The spray bottle offers a mess-free application and can be refrigerated for an extra cooling effect.
  • The hot and cold postpartum therapy packs offer soothing comfort in a slim, flexible, reusable pad that will conform to the body even when they’re frozen. The hot and cold therapy can be used to relieve pain related to labor and delivery, c-sections, hemorrhoids, and postpartum uterine cramping.

Overall, the birth recovery bundle aims to provide gentle cleansing, soothing care, and cooling relief for pain & discomfort in the weeks following labor and delivery.

Lansinoh Post-Birth Lidocaine Spray

If you’re looking for a maximum strength, fast-acting topical pain relief spray, the Lansinoh Post-Birth Lidocaine Spray is here to save the day (and your perineum). It’s made with 4% lidocaine and a soothing blend of herbal ingredients including witch hazel & aloe vera. This non-aerosol spray has also been dermatologically and gynaecologically tested, with no petroleum, parabens, or artificial fragrance included. Plus, it’s suitable for sensitive skin (hypoallergenic) and offers a soothing, pressure-free, 360° application from any angle to provide temporary pain relief when it’s needed most. 

What are Moms Saying?

“The hot & cold postpartum therapy packs have given me so much relief from the post c-section pain I’ve experienced. Caring for yourself postpartum is so important and I am so appreciative of companies who want to help us new moms feel our best!” – Alysha B.

“I didn’t have a clue about ALL the things I would need to care for myself postpartum and while nursing... I’m also so grateful for brands who make it easy for moms to have everything they need at their fingertips during a sweet but tough time.” – Caroline D

“I don’t know about you, but I think the process of healing after labor is wayyy worse than labor itself. Lansinoh’s postpartum recovery essentials provide you with everything that you need to make it through! This will definitely be the first thing packed into my hospital bag!” – Jamaica K

“Whether you’re about to give birth, you’re a brand new mom, or a seasoned mama like myself, you deserve to have all of the support you need. Check out the Lansinoh postpartum kits that are available. You will thank me later for the reusable ice packs.” – Kaydi F

”The fourth trimester is hard enough, so why not make things easier on yourself? I 100% recommend these postpartum products.” – LeAnne J.

More Stellar Reviews

“This post-birth lidocaine spray was surprisingly as refreshing as it was soothing! The initial spray leaves a slightly warm feeling, which I could only assume to be the lidocaine, and then leaves a comfortably fresh and soothed feeling. The upside-down sprayer was a game-changer, you don't have to think twice about maneuvering in some way to apply it. Because this spray also has witch hazel, I was able to skip witch hazel pads at times also! This lidocaine spray will definitely have a space in my postpartum kit with my next pregnancy.” – Julie via

“I loved the postpartum recovery bundle so much that I’m already planning on buying it as baby shower gifts for friends. This peri bottle is completely superior to anything the hospital has to offer, and to me, the spray is better than the hospitals as well. My favorite part of the bundle though, is the reusable hot/cold packs. I have used this cold for perineal care, hot for uterine cramps, and hot and cold on my engorged breasts. If you are pregnant or love someone who is, buy them this bundle!” – Sunny via

Other Reputable Lansinoh Products

The TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Packs can be used hot to help with let-down or cold to provide relief from mastitis and engorgement.

The Lansinoh HPA Lanolin requires only a pea-sized amount of cream to relieve sore nipples resulting from breastfeeding or breast pumping.

These reuseable nursing pads provide ultra-soft, contoured, discreet, leak-proof protection and can be machine washed for easy care. 

Lansinoh's number one best-selling breast milk bags allow you to save time by pumping directly into the bags using Lansinoh Pump Adapters.

For more information on postpartum recovery, advice from medical experts, and tips on how to navigate the challenges of new motherhood, visit our First 42 Days page. And if you’re a new or expecting mama, be sure to get your hands on Lansinoh’s newest, essential, birth recovery products to make your postpartum healing as smooth & seamless as possible!