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So, you’ve decided to breastfeed your baby—great choice! The next step? Finding the right breast pump. 

Whether you're looking at wearable breast pumps, hands-free and portable breast pumps, manual or electric options—the various types of breast pumps available on the market may make the selection process feel overwhelming. We’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through one of your favorite brands, Motif. 

Whether you’re looking for a hands-free, discreet option or a full breast pump set with all of the accessories, Motif’s has a breast pump for you. 

About Motif Medical

Moms are busy. Work, doctor’s appointments, playdates—it all adds up, and you need a breast pump that can keep up with your active lifestyle without getting in the way. Founded by working mothers, engineers, and medical professionals, Motif Medical specializes in providing wearable, hands-free breast pumps.

The company broke onto the breast pump scene with the Duo in 2017, a small, user-friendly breast pump that enhances the breast pumping experience for nursing moms. Since then, Motif’s product range has expanded to include a line of breast pumps, accessories, and maternity compression clothing. Not only does their product range show a desire to see moms from pregnancy through birth and into postpartum, but it also shows an understanding of the materials and items moms need to support them through these changes.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Motif products for moms on the go or busy moms below. Read through our selection of small, portable pumps and supplies, all available on our website, to find the type of pump to fit your lifestyle. We might even be able to help you receive a pump through insurance by looking at your plan!

Motif Breast Pumps

User-friendly? Check. Small and discreet? Check. Convenient and easy to use? Check, check!

You no longer have to worry about toting around heavy, cumbersome breast pumps. Motif’s line of wearable, portable, powerful breast pumps is designed for modern motherhood. Find the best breast pumps for you below.

Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump with Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Weighing less than a pound, meet the product that started it all: the Duo. Providing you with a convenient and discreet option, this lightweight, pocket-sized, wearable breast pump holds its charge for 2.5 hours. This electric, portable pump is the perfect companion for work, travel, and everywhere in between. With 10 adjustable suction levels to choose from, you can personalize your pumping session. Save your preferred setting with its memory feature and cycle through 10 massage levels for added comfort.

This kit includes one Duo breast pump, a hands-free pumping bra, a lanyard, an adapter, three different sizes of breast shields, two milk collection containers and accessories, plus nipples, valves, connectors, diaphragms, tubing, and tubing connector pairs for your double pump.

Motif Luna Double Electric Breast Pump with Wet-Dry Bag

More milk in less time? Sign us up! The Motif Luna breast pump is a powerful, compact pump that’s sleek yet strong. High-powered, the Luna allows for a faster let-down and enhanced comfort levels at the highest setting. Even better, Luna’s motor makes this a quiet pump that won’t wake baby. This breast pump comes with a variety of massage and expression modes for suction strength to promote an efficient and soothing pumping experience. With a closed system, backflow protection prevents contamination.

This kit also comes with a wet-dry bag, ideal for storing used breast pump parts, dirty or wet clothes, unused diapers, clean milk storage bags, and fresh clothes all at once! Convenience is key. Carry the bag anywhere by simply strapping it onto your stroller or backpack and throw it in the washing machine for a quick and easy clean—the perfect pairing for this wearable breast pump.

Motif Luna with Battery Double Electric Breast Pump

If you love the original Luna, you’ll love the Luna with Battery Double Electric Breast Pump. It boasts the same high-quality suction power and sleek design as the original but with improved mobility and increased convenience due to its new, rechargeable battery. This double-pumping battery-powered option is an ideal choice for modern moms who want to take advantage of all of the benefits that pumping can offer. Plus the included battery takes only 2.5 hours to charge and battery life see you through multiple pumping sessions, at home or away.

Motif Aura Hands-Free Double Electric Breast Pump

Motif’s newest pump is the Aura, a wearable, wireless, and tubeless double electric breast pump that will provide maximum comfort. Not only is the Aura discreet, but it also fits comfortably inside your bra for a better hands-free pumping experience. This wearable pump seamlessly integrates into your busy lifestyle. It even lets you control and track your pumping sessions in the Motif Medical app.

Small yet mighty, the Aura has hospital-strength suction with 12 suction levels to target precision. Soft silicone inserts and an ultra-quiet motor ensure comfortable pumping sessions. We recommend using the Motif Aura as an on-the-go secondary option to pair with your day-to-day pump.

Simply slip the Aura into your bra and pump wherever the day takes you!

Motif Twist Double Electric Breast Pump

Another lightweight breast pump from Motif, the Twist Double Electric pump, easily transitions from a home pump to a portable option without sacrificing convenience. Its name derives from the knob you twist to cycle through different suction and massage mode settings. It also features a closed system preventing backflow. Find your perfect pumping settings wherever you are.

Motif Manual Silicone Breast Pump

Can Motif possibly be any more convenient? Yes! The Manual Silicone Breast Pump was designed for ease of use equipped with 100% food-grade silicone to automatically draw and capture up to four ounces of breastmilk. This type of breast pump is portable and weighs fewer than three ounces without any extra parts, cords, or batteries, making the Motif Manual the perfect travel companion. No assembly is required—just put the manual pump up to your breast, center the nipple in the flange, and go!

Motif Breast Pump Supplies

Take a peek inside our one-stop shop for all the breast pump equipment you’ll need to use alongside your Motif pump. Whether you need to restock your valves and tubing or you’re looking for a kit with all the essentials, our site has you covered.

Motif Valves, Diaphragms, Tubing, Shields, and Connectors

BPA-free, Motif has a range of tubing to maintain proper hygiene. Replace the tubing every three months and/or whenever moisture or breast milk accumulates in the tubing. The 32-inch tubing is available for the following pumps: Duo, Twist, and Luna.

These two Motif Duo Tubing Connectors attach to both ends of the Motif Duo tubing and come in handy when you’ve lost or damaged one. 

Motif Duo Breastshield Connectors attach to the top of the milk collection bottles to connect the diaphragm and breast shield to your pump. The breast shield sizes available for the Luna Breast Shields, Duo Breastshields, and Twist Breastshields come in 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, and 32mm to provide comfort and the right fit. 

Aura Breast Shields - 29 mm are compatible with Aura Silicone Inserts to create the perfect fit for you. Additionally, connect your Twist breast pump’s shields to the milk collection kits with the Motif Twist Pump Breast Shield Connectors.

Diaphragms are necessary to create a closed system and prevent your tubing from coming into contact with breast milk. In addition to preventing contamination, diaphragms prevent the buildup of mildew and bacteria. Select either the Luna Diaphragms or Duo Diaphragms to accompany your pump.

The Luna Valves have a duckbill design to fit the Luna Breast Pump. Attach them to the underside of the breast shield to create a seal. Need a different valve for a different pump? We’ve got them all: Aura Valves, Duo Valves, and Twist Valves and Membranes.

Motif Collection Containers

You can never have too much storage! Whether you have an excess breast milk supply, need additional containers when traveling, or pump frequently, conveniently keep your liquid gold in Motif’s line of collection containers: Twist, Aura, and Luna.

Motif Pumping Kits and Bundles

Stress less with Motif’s extensive collection of pumping kits and bundles designed to work alongside your favorite Motif breast pumps. Browse our selection below:

Refresh, replace, and restore your Motif breast pumps with compatible pumping kits. We recommend replacing your breast pump parts every three months for optimal sanitary usage. Each kit comes with all the supplies you’ll need to accommodate your pump. Explore kits for every pump, from the Duo Double Pumping Kit and Aura Double Pumping Kit to the Luna Double Pumping Kit and Twist Double Pumping Kit, which also includes all three flange sizes (24mm, 28mm, and 32mm).

Motif Duo Pumping Essentials Bundle: Complete with 40-count of easy-pour milk storage bags, two duo milk collection containers, two compatible bottle nipples, and two narrow-neck bottle converters, pair this kit with your Duo breast pump to complete the ultimate set.

Motif Twist Pumping Essentials Bundle: This set comes with 40 8-ounce, easy-pour milk storage bags, along with two Twist milk collection containers, two compatible bottle nipples, and two narrow-neck bottle converters.

Motif Luna Pumping Essentials Bundle: Like the other two bundles, this set comes with 40 breast milk storage bags, two collection containers with locking rings and lids, and a car adapter.

Motif Pump & Store Bundle: Pumping and storage is simplified with this kit. Start by pumping directly into Motif’s easy-pour milk storage bags; then, freeze or store the milk until ready for use.

Motif Power Adapters

Pumping without power or access to an electrical outlet? We’ve been there. Quickly charge Motif’s range of breast pumps with the Duo Power Adapter, Luna Power Adapter, Twist Power Adapter, and Aura Power Adapter & USB Cable. Can't find a wall outlet? Need to charge on the go? The Motif Luna Portable Vehicle Adapter has you covered.

Motif Breast Shields and Slow-Flow Nipples

Breast shields can improve comfort and come in a range of sizes to improve the overall fit of your breast pump. Combine the Aura Breast Shields (29mm) with the Aura Silicone Inserts for a perfectly fitted breast pump and improved pumping experience. Look for the Twist Breastshields available in 24mm, 28mm, or 32mm. Duo Breastshields come in 19mm, 21mm, 24mm, 27mm or 32mm. Lastly, the Luna Breast Shields are available 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, or 32mm.

Your baby’s feeding pace is important. Look for slow-flowing silicone nipples to create a safe and comfortable feeding pace. Choose between the Aura Slow-Flow Nipples, Luna Slow-Flow Nipples, and Duo & Twist Slow-Flow Nipples compatible with their matching storage containers.

Motif Aura Silicone Sizing Inserts (2-Count)

Having trouble fitting your flange to your nipple? These Aura Silicone Sizing Inserts can help! Choose from a range of sizes—15, 17, 19, 21, 24, and 28mm—to find your perfect fit!

Motif Wide-to-Narrow Neck Bottle Converters

Easily switch between breast shield brands with this Bottle Converter that works with Motif’s Luna, Duo, and Twist, as well as the Spectra S1 Plus, S2 Plus, 9Plus, AMeda Mya, and the Ameda Mya Pro.

Motif Milk Storage Bags & Containers

Do you need more storage options for your milk supply? Two is better than one with the Motif Duo Milk Storage Containers. Collect expressed milk to store and feed your baby all in one convenient container. This set also includes caps, covers, and discs.

Compatible with any brand bottle, trouble-free transfers are a breeze with the Motif Easy-Pour Milk Storage Bags and the Motif Reusable Milk Storage Bags. Plus, the reusable bags provide an eco-friendly, BPA-free option that’s convenient, dishwasher safe, and ideal for fridge or freezer storage.

Motif Pump-to-Bag Adapter

Do you have multiple breast pumps from different brands? The Motif Pump-to-Bag Adapter lets you pump directly into your milk storage bag. Compatible with all Motif breast pumps, Spectra S1 and S2, Ameda Mya, and the Mya Pro.

Motif Milk Boosting Support

Try this Milk Boosting Support supplement if you’re looking to increase milk production. Made with a blend of herbs that may help both breast milk production and flow, these supplements can also help provide moms with postpartum wellness properties. The capsules are vegetarian, and ingredients include ashwagandha, red raspberry leaf, moringa, and more.

Motif Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags

Need a safe, quick, and effective way to disinfect your breast milk bottles, pumps, and accessories? The Motif Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags get the job done in just 90 seconds. Just add your items to the bag, close, and steam. The pack contains seven bags, and each bag can be used up to 20 times.

Motif Nipple Pads and Bandages

Motif Soothing Hydrogel Nipple Pads are soft, soothing, and cooling. Instantly relieve pain caused by cracked and sore nipples discreetly and easily. These reusable pads can also be stored in the fridge prior to use to enhance the cooling sensation. 

Motif Contoured Disposable Nursing Pads are individually wrapped, making them a super hygienic option for you. Made of soft, breathable, and natural materials, multiple absorption layers will keep your clothing dry and protected. 

Are you looking for a more sustainable option? The Motif Reusable Nursing Pads are washable and include a leak-proof layer to keep your clothes dry. Place these eco-friendly pads inside the included wash bag and toss them inside your washing machine to clean alongside your delicates.

Do you need help healing and protecting your C-section wound? Try the Motif 2-Step C-Section Bandage System. This comfortable dressing conforms to your body for discreet, restorative healing. Step one creates a barrier to protect your wound from water and bacteria, while step two allows your body the freedom of movement to recover in a healthy environment with stabilizing tension to reduce skin damage.

If you just need that first step, we carry the Motif C-Section Bandage: Heal to aid in scar prevention and help you through your postpartum healing journey. The Motif C-Section Bandage: Restore also promotes healing and softens existing scar tissue, reducing the look of older scars and preventing further scarring.

Motif Apparel and Accessories

Do you need a stylish yet practical backpack or cooler to store all your breast pump essentials? Have you explored hands-free pumping bra and compression garment options? Motif designs are made with the modern mom in mind.

Motif Wet-Dry Bag

Why carry two bags when you can carry one? This Wet-Dry bag will take the stress out of juggling multiple bags, so you can easily store everything you need.

Motif Breast Pump Backpack

Made of durable, water-resistant materials, this Breast Pump Backpack is a favorite among breast pump reviews for a reason. Store your breast milk in the cooler at the bottom, and keep all your pump accessories in the bag’s many pockets.

Motif Luna Cooler Set

Keep breast milk cool, safe, and fresh in this Luna Cooler Set, ideal for mamas on the run.

Motif Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Whether you’re multitasking or looking to add a pumping-friendly bra to your wardrobe, this Hands-Free Pumping Bra is the solution. The press-on-pull-off Velcro located on the back panel and straps are easy to adjust to fit a wide range of sizes, while the front zipper makes taking it on and off a breeze.

Motif Compression Socks

Swollen feet and legs? Encourage healthy blood flow, relieve discomfort, alleviate swelling, and help reduce your risk for varicose veins, blood clots, and deep vein thrombosis with Motif Compression Socks. These socks can be worn during months three to nine of pregnancy and postpartum if swelling persists.

Motif Postpartum Compression Garment

Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy and birth, and this Postpartum Compression Garment can help with your recovery. Garments like this are designed to be worn under clothing, to provide support and stability. This garment is designed to reduce swelling and postpartum bleeding while stabilizing joints and the core to improve posture, reduce pain, and increase mobility.

Need additional advice on selecting the best breast pump for you? Are you looking for information on how to safely store your breast milk? Want to learn more about pumping and breastfeeding? Explore our blog for more tips, recommendations, and answers to your questions.

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