Motif Wide-to-Narrow Neck Bottle Converter for Motif, Spectra & Ameda

With this cap adapter, your breast shields will be compatible with a variety of narrow neck breast milk containers. Includes 2 Wide-to-Narrow neck bottle converters.

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Use this Narrow Neck Bottle Converter to make your breast shields compatible with a variety of narrow neck bottles. To use, just take the adapter, attach it to your wide neck breast shield, and screw it directly onto your narrow neck bottle. These adapters will work with Motif breast pumps, the Ameda Mya and Mya Pro, and Spectra breast pumps.


  • 2 Wide-to-Narrow Neck Bottle Converters

Compatible with:

  • Motif Luna
  • Motif Duo
  • Motif Twist
  • Spectra S1 Plus
  • Spectra S2 Plus
  • Spectra 9Plus
  • Ameda Mya
  • Ameda Mya Pro

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