Motif Duo Diaphragms

Replace your old, broken or lost Motif Duo Diaphragm. The Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump requires the diaphragm part to operate.This purchase includes two Diaphragms.

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The diaphragm is the round, plastic pump part that goes on top of the bottle connector. This piece attaches the tubing to the milk storage container. The diaphragm creates a closed system breast pump by providing a barrier that prevents milk from getting into the tubing or the pump motor.

Features and Benefits
  • Acts as a protective barrier for the breastpump
  • Creates the closed pumping system found in all Motif Duo breastpumps
  • Prevents the buildup of mildew, bacteria, and viruses within the milk and breastpump
  • 2 - Diaphragms

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