Motif Twist Collection Containers

Motif Twist Collection Containers are helpful for moms who pump frequently, moms who often pump away from home and if mom wants to store extra breast milk.
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You can never have enough storage! These Motif Twist collection containers are used to collect the milk expressed during pumping. These Motif storage containers include two containers to expand either your Twist container collection. These containers are compatible with all Motif Twist breast pump and allow you to store and feed your baby conveniently with one container. Additional containers are helpful for mothers pumping away from home and ensure the convenience of pumping even when other containers are dirty.

Features and Benefits
  • Additional containers provide convenient storage
  • Compatible with the Motif Twist breast pumps
  • Pump directly into the container
  • BPA Free
  • (2) 5oz/150mL milk collection containers, caps, covers, discs
  • Nipples sold separately here.

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