Motif Milk Boosting Support

Motif's Milk Boosting Support Supplement may help to increase milk production with mineral-rich and nourishing herbs like milk thistle & alfalfa. Using traditional galactagogues such as moringa, ashwagandha, and fennel, this supplement is intended to promote milk expression, increase mammary tissue, and stimulate prolactin release.

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Mothers experiencing low milk supply, physical & emotional stress from postpartum change, as well as low uterine & pelvic muscle tone could benefit from Motif's Milk Boosting Support. This supplement includes essential nutrient vitamins K, D, and magnesium that cross into breastmilk, plus a blend of herbs that may contain milk-boosting and overall postpartum wellness properties. Other ingredients include ashwagandha (which some studies suggest may help with the stress that can accompany breastfeeding), red raspberry leaf (which can increase milk supply & help the uterus return to pre-pregnancy size), and moringa (which has been found to increase prolactin levels).


  • This blend of herbs may support both breast milk production and flow.
  • Ingredients allow for milk-enhancing herbs to be used in tandem with vitamin D, K, and magnesium supplements.
  • Contains three adaptogen herbs that some studies suggest may be helpful for overall postpartum wellness.


  • 1 - Bottle of (60) Vegetarian Capsules

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