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We all know having a baby is expensive. From burp cloths to bassinets to unexpected doctor visits, the costs associated with having a baby can feel endless. And that doesn't even include the expenses for mom during those all-important nine (plus) months. Those maternity clothes and late-night runs to the store for ice cream and pickles can add up! 

Of course, you still want to be sure you’re getting the best products for you and your baby—especially when it comes to breast pumps and accessories. One of our favorite brands for breastfeeding and pumping supplies is Lansinoh. Not only are their products top quality, but they're also reasonably priced.

Lansinoh Breast Pumps

When trying to decide which breast pump best suits your individual wants and needs, it’s important to do your research. Many breastfeeding moms love Lansinoh breast pumps because of the flexibility and convenience they offer, from rechargeable to cordless pumping models.


Lansinoh Discreet Duo

We now have the brand new Lansinoh Discreet Duo Wearable Double Electric Breast Pump! This pump is special because it is covered by most insurance plans, as opposed to other hands-free or wearable pumps that can have associated upgrade fees. Mamas love this model because it offers cordless, tubeless, hands-free pumping—wherever you go, this pump can go! It is the perfect pumping sidekick for a busy mama on the go because it is lightweight, extremely portable, and provides hospital-strength suction to ensure the best possible milk expression.


Lansinoh Wearable Double-Electric Breast Pump

The Lansinoh Wearable Pump is the ultimate solution for breastfeeding and pumping mamas! Forget about cords, tubes, and stress, and embrace the freedom to pump hands-free anytime, anywhere! With additional flange size options, a lightweight design, hospital-strength performance, customizable pump settings, and spacious 8oz click-tight cups, it outshines every other wearable pump on the market. Who says pumping can’t be stylish?


Lansinoh SignaturePro Pump and Tote

Elevate your pumping game with the Lansinoh SignaturePro Double Electric Breast Pump and Tote. Experience a host of features including personalized settings, pumping styles adjusted to match mom and baby, and the unparalleled ComfortFit flanges to enhance the ease and comfort of your pumping sessions. The pump features an LCD screen for clear visibility in low light conditions and comes complete with a tote bag for hassle-free portability during your busiest, on-the-go days. It is a must-have for every mom's pumping journey!


Lansinoh Smartpump 3.0 Double Electric Breast Pump Lifestyle Set

Tailored for mothers seeking convenience, this pump effortlessly combines comfort, portability, and functionality. Experience robust suction strength, discreet pumping with a quiet motor, and complete comfort with the included ComfortFit flanges in 3 different sizes. Plus, enjoy the freedom of fully portable pumping thanks to the rechargeable battery (AC adapter included).

The Lansinoh Smartpump 3.0 (an upgrade from the Smartpump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump!) offers 3 pumping styles and 8 adjustable suction levels. It operates in a closed system, so you don’t have to worry about mold or bacteria in your tubing or motor. Plus, that means you don’t have to clean the tubing—one less thing to worry about!


Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Optimal for moms who pump occasionally or are always on the move, the Lansinoh Manual Pump offers a convenient and portable solution. With 2-phase technology, it enables quick transitions between stimulation and expression modes, catering to individual needs seamlessly. You can even opt for their Lansinoh Extra Pumping Set, which offers two manual pumps and tubing for backup or emergency pumping needs.

For more information on your pump, visit our website, Lansinoh’s Help Center, or contact our team for support at 1-844-867-9890.


Lansinoh Accessories for Breastfeeding and Pumping

Our mamas know better than anyone that you can spend days going back and forth researching which breast pump accessories are best. Let us make it easy for you: the hype over Lansinoh's products is real! Lansinoh provides excellent pumping and feeding accessories without breaking the bank. More money saved means more to spend on cute baby clothes and fun toys…


Lansinoh Pumping Essentials Bundle

The Lansinoh Starter Set includes four mOmma® breast milk storage bottles. It also comes with 50 breast milk storage bags, two pump adapters, and two TheraPearl 3-in-1 breast therapy packs. If you’re looking to buy some or all of these products, this set is a great deal and saves you money when bundled together!

A common add-on product we see mamas getting with this starter set is the Lansinoh Affinity Flange Set. This set has two flange bodies that are compatible with both manual and electric pumps and have soft edges to guarantee you get a strong, comfortable seal when pumping.


Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags and Baby Bottles

Some brands of breast milk freezer bags are prone to leaking when defrosting frozen breast milk. Losing any precious breast milk is frustrating, especially when it’s you’re backup supply. Lansinoh's breast milk storage bags never leak and have a built-in spout to easily transfer to breast milk collection bottles.

These top-selling breast milk bags make freezing your breast milk easy and mess-free. Rather than pumping into one container and transferring the milk to freezer bags, you can save time by pumping directly into the Lansinoh breast milk storage bags using Lansinoh Pump Adapters. These attach to any non-Lansinoh pump (including Medela, Ameda, and Evenflo models) to pump your milk directly into the Lansinoh storage bags.


Lansinoh Nipple Shield

Having trouble getting your little one to latch? Try a Lansinoh Nipple Shield! These nipple shields guide your baby, helping your little one overcome a variety of latching issues, including nipple confusion, all while allowing you to maintain skin-to-skin contact with uninterrupted breastfeeding. Another great tool is Lansinoh’s Latch Assist Nipple Everter, which helps your baby latch by everting flat or inverted nipples. And don’t worry, it comes in multiple flange sizes to guarantee the perfect fit!

Don’t breastfeed or like to have baby bottles handy as well? Lansinoh’s still got your back. Lansinoh’s Fast Flow Natural Wave Nipples are great for parents who bottle feed (and are dishwasher safe!). These nipples attach directly to your baby’s bottle and are designed with air ventilation technology to promote milk flow and reduce spit-up and colic.


Breastfeeding Pillow

If you’re struggling to find the perfect nursing position, look no further. Lansinoh’s breastfeeding pillow has saved many mamas the stress of finding that all-important just right positioning when feeding. Put the pillow over your forearm, lay your baby down with their head propped against the cushion, and feed away!


Must-Have Lansinoh Accessories for Mama’s Self-Care

Caring for your baby means caring for yourself, too. After all, running yourself into the ground and abandoning your needs is no way to celebrate your body for the life it has brought into the world. Here are some of our favorite breastfeeding essentials to help your body during the recovery period and to give you the rest and relaxation you deserve.


Lansinoh Therapearl Therapy Packs

Breastfeeding can be painful, from clogged ducts to teething pain and more. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer, mama! To help with the pain that may accompany breastfeeding, Lansinoh designed their Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Packs, which are shaped to conform around your breasts. With these round bead packs, you can stop sticking awkward towels or ice packs into your bra or nursing top. The Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Packs work miracles by resting perfectly around your breasts to provide 360-degree comfort.

You can easily freeze a Therapearl pack and place it directly on your breast to relieve discomfort caused by engorgement or mastitis. For warm relief, simply microwave the Therapearl pack and place it on the breast. Once microwaved, your Therapearl therapy pack can also be used around your breast shield when pumping to help achieve let-down. The packs can be used safely for twenty-minute intervals. They are easy to clean with soap and water, and they work with any breast pump.


Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream

Between nursing and pumping, many moms become convinced that their nipples might fall off. We’re kidding, of course. But the pain is very real. The Lansinoh's HPA Lanolin immediately soothes and moisturizes nipples to make your day-to-day much more tolerable. It only requires a pea-sized amount of cream to relieve sore nipples resulting from breastfeeding or pumping. One of the best features of the product is that it's safe for babies, so you don't have to wipe it off before nursing. A bonus? In winter, it doubles as a lip moisturizer!


Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads

We often hear from moms that the Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads practically live on their nipples once they arrive. The cooling relief they offer is amazing! These gel pads are reusable and come with a tray to store them in the fridge. The Lansinoh gel pads combined with the HPA lanolin are the best remedy a new breastfeeding mama can get!

Trying to stay leak-free on the go? Don’t leave the house without the Lansinoh disposable nursing pads, which keep you dry and ready to conquer the day, wherever it takes you.


Lansinoh Sitz Bath Salts

Mama deserves a spa day, too. Lansinoh’s Sitz Bath Salts are amazing for recovery during postpartum (and the average day…). The blend of lavender, Epsom salts, aloe vera, and other all-natural herbal ingredients makes these bath salts the perfect way to restore your muscles and unwind after a long day. Who doesn’t love some “me” time?


Lansinoh’s Birth Recovery Products

In a 2020 survey, we found that 3 out of 4 new moms reported they were not given information or guidance regarding any products or medical devices that may have helped with their physical recovery during the postpartum period. Similarly, in a survey by Lansinoh, nearly 70% of new moms said they had unrealistic recovery expectations. 

Only 11% created a plan for their recovery, and 90% of those moms would recommend other new moms spend more time preparing for their recovery after giving birth. These statistics are unacceptable, and they highlight a huge gap in support and education regarding maternal mental and physical health.

With the help of Lansinoh’s new line of birth recovery products, they hope to improve the postpartum experience by ensuring moms have access to the best products and resources available. Their simple, safe, and research-backed birth recovery line can make a world of difference in your level of comfort and promote healing.


Lansinoh Recovery Bundle

The Lansinoh Birth Recovery Bundle has three must-have items: a peri wash bottle, an herbal postpartum spray, and two reusable hot and cold postpartum therapy packs with 12 disposable sleeves.

  • The peri wash bottle is essential for cleansing sore, tender areas after birth—especially during and after using the bathroom. The upside-down design with an angled collapsible spout helps cleanse hard-to-reach areas and even comes with a travel bag for easy storage and portability!
  • The 99% natural herbal postpartum spray is made with a safe blend of natural plant-based ingredients including witch hazel, organic aloe, and calendula to cool and soothe a sore, tender perineum. The spray bottle offers a mess-free application and can be refrigerated for an extra cooling effect.
  • The hot and cold postpartum therapy packs offer soothing comfort in a slim, flexible, reusable pad that will conform to the body even when frozen. The hot and cold therapy can be used to relieve pain related to labor and delivery, c-sections, hemorrhoids, and postpartum uterine cramping.

Overall, the birth recovery bundle aims to provide gentle cleansing, soothing care, and cooling relief for pain & discomfort in the weeks following labor and delivery.


Lansinoh Post-Birth Lidocaine Spray

If you’re looking for a maximum-strength, fast-acting topical pain relief spray, the Lansinoh Post-Birth Lidocaine Spray is here to save the day (and your perineum). It’s made with 4% lidocaine and a soothing blend of herbal ingredients, including witch hazel and aloe vera. This non-aerosol spray has also been dermatologically and gynaecologically tested, with no petroleum, parabens, or artificial fragrance included. Plus, it’s suitable for sensitive skin (hypoallergenic) and offers a soothing, pressure-free, 360° application from any angle to provide temporary pain relief when it’s needed most.


The Lansinoh Baby App

Stay in control of your pumping sessions and track your progress seamlessly with Bluetooth connectivity to the Lansinoh Baby app. One of the most unique and remarkable features of the Lansinoh Smartpump 3.0 is that it can connect to your Apple or Android phone via Bluetooth using the Lansinoh Baby™ app

Did we mention the app is free? To get started, download the app and scan the code at the bottom of your pump. Once you turn the pump on, your pumping sessions are automatically recorded with a time and date stamp so you can easily keep track of them.


Track Feeding, Bottles, and Diapers All in One Place

With a million things on your mind, you may not remember if you last fed on your right or left breast. Not only will the app help you to keep track of breastfeeding sessions to establish a natural feeding pattern, but it will also keep track of which breast you fed last! If you’re also bottle-feeding expressed milk, don’t worry. The Lansinoh baby app will help you keep up with remembering when you last gave your little one a bottle. Let the Lansinoh Baby app do it all for you!

The “diaper diary” might just be the coolest part of the app. This feature will help you keep track of wet and dirty diapers, which will come in handy when you’re at those first few pediatrician visits and your doctor asks all about your baby’s diaper habits. Plus, wet diapers are a sign that your newborn is getting enough to eat; when you’re just starting to nurse, many mothers find themselves questioning if their baby is eating enough. The Lansinoh Baby app can help you relax knowing that you are tracking your little one’s progress every step of the way.


What Are My Fellow Mamas Saying?

“The hot and cold postpartum therapy packs have given me so much relief from the post-c-section pain I’ve experienced. Caring for yourself postpartum is so important and I am so appreciative of companies who want to help us new moms feel our best!” – Alysha B.

  • “I didn’t have a clue about ALL the things I would need to care for myself postpartum and while nursing... I’m also so grateful for brands like Lansinoh who make it easy for moms to have everything they need at their fingertips during a sweet but tough time.” – Caroline D
  • “I don’t know about you, but I think the process of healing after labor is way worse than labor itself. Lansinoh’s postpartum recovery essentials provide you with everything that you need to make it through! This will definitely be the first thing packed into my hospital bag!” – Jamaica K
  • “Whether you’re about to give birth, you’re a brand new mom or a seasoned mama like myself, you deserve to have all of the support you need. Check out the Lansinoh postpartum kits that are available. You will thank me later for the reusable ice packs.” – Kaydi F
  • ”The fourth trimester is hard enough, so why not make things easier on yourself? I 100% recommend Lansinoh postpartum products.” – LeAnne J.


If you have any questions regarding your personal breastfeeding journey, we offer 1-on-1 support and live classes for expecting, new, and seasoned mamas. Visit our website for more information on the courses we offer, how to reach out for personalized support and education, and insurance eligibility.

For more information on postpartum recovery, advice from medical experts, and tips on how to navigate the challenges of new motherhood, visit our First 42 Days page. If you’re a new or expecting mama, be sure to get your hands on Lansinoh’s newest, essential, birth recovery products to make your pregnancy and postpartum healing as smooth as possible.

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