Breast Pump Reviews

To make things easier, look for breast pump reviews online or in parenting books/magazines. A review of different brands/styles of pumps can help you determine which pump is best for your lifestyle. Moms are always looking to help new moms, and their advice can provide great insight!

Medela Breast Pumps

Medela is a brand that has been around since the beginning of breast pumping. Numerous moms recognize the name and understand the great product behind it. There are many Medela breast pump reviews stating how moms were satisfied with their selection on the Medela brand. The motor provided by Medela is an open system. This is a great feature for the suction on the breast pump and filtering the air through the motor.

Medela provides kits that work with every mom — check out some popular options:

An added bonus — moms get a one year warranty on the motor and 90 days on the parts!


Spectra is one of the top contenders the breast pump world. All Spectra pumps feature a closed system which keeps the parts sanitary: milk cannot flow into the tubing, which prevents mold. Breast pump reviews for the Spectra breast pump continuously comment on how great the suction value is on the pump. Additionally, breast pumps by Spectra offer the highest suction out of most pumps on the market.  There are two options available with Spectra. The S1PLUS and the S2PLUS. The Spectra S2PLUS offers a basic set up providing everything needed to start pumping, and the S1 offers the same set, but an added bonus of a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three hours!


Ameda breast pumps are compatible for moms looking for a reliable breast pump and a company with great customer service to back it! The Ameda Finesse is great for traveling and/or working moms because it includes a spacious tote bag to carry supplies. This model provides everything you need to continue pumping on-the-go, home hassle-free!

Other Top Breast Pumps

Breast pump reviews also spike an interest with several other brands! The Lansinoh Signature Pro features stylish, efficient parts and accessories, along with a battery power option on the motor.

Evenflo breast pumps offer a single and double electric pump that provides a closed system just like the Spectra and Ameda pumps. The Tomy Quiet Expressions breast pump gives moms the option to have an electric of battery-powered motor, along with a stylish bag. As the name states, this pump is super quiet, which is great if you need to pump late at night and don't want to wake anyone.

Don't Forget Accessories!

Moms looking to breast pump can reference breast pump reviews to see how other moms used their kits when they began pumping. Accessories can be just as important at the breast pump itself. Brands such as Medela, Ameda, etc. provide kits that give mom the ability to leave the outlet searching at home- literally.

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