Traveling with a baby can be an adventure all on its own. You want to make sure that you have everything needed for every possible outcome (and with a baby, the possibilities are endless) without packing your entire house. So here are some tips and tricks to make your travels a little easier for you and your little one.

  • Pack items that have multiple uses. This will really save you some space and headache. One of my favorite multi-use items is the Covered Goods Nursing Cover. It's so handy because you can use it not only as a nursing cover, but also as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and fashionable infinity scarf.
  • Keep your baby's daily routine as close as possible. Even though you're away from home doesn't mean you should forget about your little one's schedule. Keeping his or her routine will make everyone's day a little smoother because everyone (including your baby) will know when it's time for baby to eat, nap, bathe & go to bed. Also, try to take anything that will remind your little one of home when it's time for bed so they're comfortable and can sleep well. I always take our white noise machine and baby's blanket.
  • Take a manual breast pump with you. Even though I take my Medela electric breast pump with me, I ALWAYS pack my Medela Harmony manual pump You never know when you'll have to pump on the go and need something to whip out real quick. The manual pump is small and light so you can carry it with you everywhere and it’s extremely easy to use and clean. Not to mention it's quiet.
  • Carry a great breast pump bag. You'll want to make sure you have a great big bag to carry all your breastfeeding accessories and more. I recommend the Sarah Wells Abby bag with a coordinating Pumparoo because I can't imagine not having them now.The bag is extremely spacious, has so many compartments to keep everything organized, has a zippered side pocket for your electric pump, and an insulated zippered side pocket to keep your bottles in. I also fill the bag with bath time and bedtime necessities because there is just so much room!
  • Keep that diaper bag full of goodies. No matter what. When you're out and about, all you're going to have is that bag and you'll need it to be stocked at all times.Don't forget about yourself either — make sure to include snacks, water, sunglasses, etc. that you'll need. No one wants to carry a diaper bag and a purse.
  • Pack everything in fewer big bags rather than many smaller bags. It took me a few trips before I realized this one. It might seem great to put things in their own little bags to keep it all organized but by the end of the trip everything is all mixed together anyway and it'll take up way more room.
  • Don't skip the little things. You might hesitate to bring little extras that you think aren't necessary but trust me, just bring it. For example, we didn't bring our Nose Frieda snot sucker and saline solution on a trip because we hardly ever use it, but OF COURSE that was the trip that our little one ended up having such a stuffy nose that she could barely sleep the first night. We ran to the store the next morning to buy what we already had at home.
  • Bring extra clothes for your baby. Not too many because they're so little and easy to hand wash if necessary, but a few to be prepared for blowouts or spit ups. Also, don't forget about some layering pieces because they always come in handy. For instance, a beanie and a cardigan is always a good idea, along with some warm and cold weather options.

Just remember no matter how well you plan, s$%* happens (literally and figuratively). Enjoy watching your little one's face light up when they get to experience all the new sights and sounds, and have an amazing trip!

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