Part 15: Growths Spurts and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding as your baby becomes a toddler can seem increasingly challenging, but the value of your breastmilk is still relevant! Babies go through yet another big growth spurt around fifteen months and they may be looking for more comfort and nursing session than usual. Your baby is a pro at latching and can nurse in every position - some called breastfeeding at this stage “gymnurstics” because babies will wiggle, dance, rotate, and do anything but sit still while at the breast.

Two Tips for Breastfeeding at Fifteen Months:

  • Some moms will attempt to night wean at this point if they haven’t already. Breastfeeding support professionals recommend reassuring your baby when bedtime comes around by lying with them, rubbing their back, and letting them know you are near. They may not like not falling asleep without nursing at first, but as long as they have someone comforting them, they will eventually fall asleep. If it feels very difficult for you or your baby, don’t feel pressured into doing it. You and your baby will find the right timing to change your routine.
  • Moms who are planning to have another baby or have already become pregnant with their next child will wonder about the effects of pregnancy on breastfeeding. There are usually no problems association with breastfeeding while pregnant, however, hormonal changes may make your breasts feel more sensitive and it is normal for your milk supply to drop a bit. This is not a big issue, because your toddler will be eating a diet of solid foods and water in addition to your breastmilk.

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