Part 16: Breastmilk Changes During the Second Year

During the second year of breastfeeding, your milk will change consistency and become more concentrated. Much like colostrum, the nutrients will be delivered more efficiently through the smaller amounts. Additionally, your baby is very good at nursing and can drink more quickly. Breastmilk is still a very important source of protein and nutrients that can help your child avoid illness and disease.

Two Tips for Nursing During the Second Year:

  • Babies will go through changes to nursing habits over the second year. Sometimes they will want to nurse constantly and sometimes very infrequently. This is normal.
  • The human body is designed to breastfeed for up to seven years after you have your child. In our culture, breastfeeding typically winds down over the first few years, but remember that our bodies are designed to provide nutrients for much longer than that. Don’t feel pressured to wean your child if you aren’t ready to do so.

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