Breastfeeding After Your First Child

Babies are each so different, their personalities and their needs. Sometimes you would never guess they all came from the same parent!

With my first child there were more challenges mostly due to not being educated and not having the right products at my disposal. (There was no internet back then!)

The Differences in Breastfeeding My Babies

  • Soreness

    Initially when you begin breastfeeding it can be normal to experience some slight soreness – this can usually be remedied by a good lanolin nipple cream, but breast feeding should not be excruciating.(If it is you should reach out to a breastfeeding professional) I did not experience any soreness with my second or third child! By then I knew exactly how baby needed to be latched on and was pumping with a well fitted pump!

  • Am I making enough milk?

    With my first child I was very worried that he would not get enough to eat. I soon learned that as he nursed and I pumped, that my milk supply built up wonderfully and he grew fat and happy without any supplementing! (A good pump can be so important for this!) With my second and third child the thought that they would get enough milk from me never crossed my mind!

  • Feeding baby on demand and breastfeeding in public

    I was so worried about this with my first child mostly because of the horrified looks I would get from friends and family if they even caught a glimmer of the side of my breast. I was always hot and covered up with blankets trying to hide the normal act of feeding my child. This too changed drastically with my second and third child. I was much less afraid of flashing someone than I was of letting my child be hungry or uncomfortable. By the time I had my second child I had found a wonderful thing called a nursing bra and a nursing shirt. This allowed me to be much more discreet when nursing!

  • Having the right accessories

    The one thing that was the same for me from first to last was the need to be close to my babies whether they were nursing or not. The best accessory I was ever gifted and would have purchased before baby #1 had I know they existed was a “SLING”. It also allowed me to be hands free to help the toddlers while tending to each new baby!

Whether this is your first or 5th nursing baby, enjoy the moment, have good support systems in place and good products on hand and no matter how different each baby is your breastfeeding journey with each is sure to be a success!

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Susan Hudspeth

About the Author

I am 47 years old - I am originally from L.I. New York but moved to NC when I was 23 years old and never left! My breastfeeding background includes breastfeeding all three children for a period of 7 years total from 1991-1998. I was also very involved in my local La Leche League during that time. I cannot say enough good things about breastfeeding and how important and rewarding it is for both mom and baby!