Recognizing Dairy Intolerance Symptoms in Baby

There are some simple solutions that will help with recognizing symptoms of intolerance in baby. After you notice these symptoms, we recommend making a few changes to subdue symptoms to keep them from returning.

Sensitivity to dairy, or any food for that matter, is not a joyous occasion. For infants and babies, symptoms range from diarrhea, eczema, vomiting, and colic to constipation and poor growth. This makes every day painful and uncomfortable for both baby and mom.

Dairy Elimination Diet

The Dairy Elimination Diet is one contender that has proven to work great for babies with dairy allergies. This diet calls for moms to cease all dairy intake during the duration of breast pumping or feeding. The breast milk carries what the mother is eating, such as milk proteins passing through to the breast milk.

If your baby is showing symptoms of dairy allergies, then moms need to look to doing away with such foods for a while. It does take time for all dairies to be completely out of your system (1-2 weeks), and then you should see a change emerge in your infant. After a while, you can start to add dairy back into your diet around six months of age to see if there is any allergic response with your child. It had been noted that there is no proof to avoiding foods to prevent allergies.

Keep Your Diet in Check

Even without dairy, mommies, you all are still able to get a well-balanced diet! Sources for protein can come from fish, chicken, beef, eggs, and nuts. Also, calcium can be found in soy, rice, almond, and coconut milk. Calcium tablets are another obvious choice as well!

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