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Back to Work Breastfeeding Plan

We’ve created a back-to-work breastfeeding plan that helps you anticipate what you may need to have in place before your first day back at work. Download the PDF and go through the checklist with your partner or lactation support person. Below you can find detailed information about the importance of the questions on the checklist.

Breastfeeding Back to Work Plan


Pumping At Work Checklist

One of the biggest concerns for new moms after having a baby is whether or not the transition back to work will go smoothly. New moms may also worry about arranging a pumping schedule and keeping up milk supply when returning to work. Worrying about the transition consumes an unfair amount of time that you should spend bonding and relaxing with your newborn. The key to a successful transition is to create a plan and to find the breastfeeding cheerleaders in your life.

These questions will help you think about your setup and whether you will need to bring additional supplies to make up for a resource you are missing at work. For example, without a sink to clean your pump parts and bottles thoroughly, you can use special cleaning wipes or microwave steam bags. If you have access to a refrigerator, you can store your milk without worry. Without a refrigerator, you’ll need to plan to have a cooler bag with ice packs that keeps milk cold until you return home.

Breast Pump Information

Identify the make and model of your breast pump so that you can reference the warranty and call customer service support if you experience any issues. This information will also help you when you need to order replacement supplies, as not all supplies are compatible with different models. Your Aeroflow Breastpump Specialist can give you this information if you are unable to find it.

Additionally, it is important to plan to pump somewhere with an available outlet if your pump requires one. If your pumping space doesn’t have an outlet, you’ll need to make sure that you have a pump that can run on battery power.

Pumping Supplies

Go through the list of supplies and make sure that you have each item ready to pack in your pumping bag. If you don’t check off certain items, make sure you have an alternate plan for how to address what purpose they serve. Pumping at work is sort of like camping - you don’t want to get caught in the rain without a waterproof tent and you don’t want to get stuck in a meeting with leaky boobs without nursing pads!

Pumping Schedule

Plan what time of day you will be breaking and be as specific as you need to be (ie. 3:25-3:50). You can share this information with your supervisor if they want to know when you’ll be away from your desk or station so they can prepare to have your work covered if needed.

Caregiver Contact Info

You probably have this information saved in your phone, but you should share it with your work and your family in case they need to be in touch with your baby’s caregiver.

Caregiver Checklist

You’ll want to collect these items before going back to work so you can have peace of mind when leaving your baby with their caregiver for the first time. Plan to be in touch with your caregiver throughout the first week to make sure that things are going well and that they have everything they need to feed the baby your expressed milk.

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