Insurance Upgrade and Hospital Grade Pumps

You might have seen the terms "Insurance Upgrade Option" or "Hospital Grade Pump" on the Aeroflow Breastpumps website. But do you really know what those terms means? We're answering some of our Mamas most commonly asked questions.

Insurance Upgrade Option

Q: What is the difference between a regular breast pump and an "upgrade" breast pump.
A: Every breast pump that Aeroflow Breastpumps carries is made to be a high-quality option for Moms. "Upgrade" option usually means that the pump comes with additional pieces, such as extra bottles, parts, or a breast pump bag, that may be a better choice for some of our Moms, and would require an upgrade fee.

Q: Why is it necessary to carry both?
A: We want to provide our moms with many options so they can choose the right pump for their lifestyle. Upgrade options allow mom to either get just the pump, or an "upgrade" that will include items she will need to enhance her breastfeeding experience.

Q: Are these breast pumps covered by insurance?
A: Plans can vary, so the type of pump and upgrades covered will be determined by your insurance plan. Our Breastpump Specialists will make sure that you know all your options when your coverage is confirmed.

Hospital Grade Pumps

Q: Why do some moms need a hospital grade pump?
A: A new mom with medical issues that hinder her ability to successfully breastfeed her baby, or mothers of NICU babies may need a hospital grade breast pump. These pumps are designed for multiple users, with special closed system that makes the pump safe for moms to share. If your doctor feels you need a hospital grade pump they will let you know, and those pumps cannot be received before baby is born.

Q: Will my insurance plan cover a Hospital Grade breast pump?
A: These pumps are mostly for hospital use and aren’t frequently offered through insurance plans. Even if covered, they will require a prescription and are rental only.

Q: What if I used a hospital grade pump in the hospital, but have to switch to a regular pump when I go home?
A: That's perfectly ok and normal! Many moms may need a hospital grade breast pump for a short period of time, but easily and successfully adjust to another pump once they are home.

Q: Do Hospital Grade and Hospital Strength mean the same thing?
A: Many moms think that “Hospital Grade” and “Hospital Strength” mean the same thing, but that is not true.

"Hospital Grade" refers to a multi-user breast pump that is primarily used in hospitals for moms that may not be able to breastfeed, or have babies in the NICU. Aeroflow Breastpumps currently offers the “Hospital Grade” breast pump the Medela Symphony® for both rental and purchase.

“Hospital Strength” is a term used by breast pump manufacturers to convey stronger breast pump suction. It can apply to single-use electric breast pumps, and there are no standards or regulations that define exactly what suction a breast pump needs to be considered "Hospital Strength".

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