What You Should Avoid While Pregnant

When pregnant, what you consume or are subjected to is also what your growing baby is consuming or subjected to. This means that you’ll have to steer clear of certain foods, substances, medications and activities. Do you know what you should avoid while pregnant? We will go over some things you should definitely avoid here.

Drugs and Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol consumption are definitely not safe for baby (as well as any other illegal, and many prescription drugs such as narcotic opiods). Your placenta cannot metabolize alcohol- which means that whatever your blood alcohol level is is your unborn child’s blood alcohol level. Children born with fetal alcohol syndrome suffer with deformity and learning disability throughout life.

Tobacco use can stunt your child’s growth in the womb as well as after. Breathing second-hand smoke is even dangerous for you as well as baby- the risks include a low birth weight baby (up to 20%), and increased risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Illegal drug use and prescription drug abuse are never healthy habits and should always be avoided, especially during pregnancy. Infants born addicted to opiods or heroin have a terrible amount of pain and go through withdraws at birth just like any adult who is suffering through withdraws from stopping drug use.


There are also certain foods you should abstain from during pregnancy. The FDA recommends steering clear of undercooked or raw meats (as well as other foods from animal origin, such as eggs). Also, try to avoid lunch meats, hot dogs, unpasteurized dairy, certain seafood and fish, raw vegetable sprouts, unpasteurized juices, caffeine (from coffee, tea, soft drinks and especially energy beverages), ad herbal teas and supplements. These foods can lead to low birth weight, complications during pregnancy and a wide array of other issues. Read our favorite breastfeeding superfoods!

Emotional or Physical Stress

While pregnant, it is important to avoid too much stressful or strenuous activity, as this can lead to preterm labor or miscarriage. If you’re already on a steady workout routine, it is fine to continue a modified workout (consult your doctor before continuing your workout, or beginning a new fitness regimen). Heavy lifting should be avoided as this puts undue pressure on the abdomen ad uterus. You should also avoid amusement park rides, bicycling, contact sports, downhill skiing and snowboarding, gymnastics, horseback riding, scuba diving, surfing, tennis, and waterskiing. If you have any questions about certain actives, consult your obstetrician.

Wondering what you should avoid while pregnant is totally normal; we want the absolute best health for our babies. A good way to ensure they get the nutrition they need post-birth is by breastfeeding, or pumping and bottle feeding.

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