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Bailey Deluxe Nurture III Breast Pump

Bailey Deluxe Nurture III Breast Pump

Enjoy the Bailey Deluxe Set that provides you with six bottles and storage lids for on-the-go-pumping. The Bailey Deluxe Nurture III Pump includes the pump motor, double collection kit, insulated “Caring Bag” tote with ice pack, four extra bottles with 2-piece lids and an instructional DVD.

This breast pump is no longer available.


The Bailey Deluxe Nurture III Breast Pump is intended for moms who pump several times per day. The insulated tote bag with cooler is especially helpful for moms who frequently pump on-the-go — it allows moms to safely store and transport their breast milk when away from baby. This pump also has a unique manually controlled suction feature. Moms can control the suction settings to optimize their comfort level. Changing suction is hassle-free — simply cover and uncover a vent on one of the collection bottles with your finger or thumb. This action is only required on one side for double or single pumping.

The Nurture III utilizes a compact and lightweight design for easy travel, and the basic double collection kit and deluxe features are must-haves for moms looking to pump while on-the-go. Take six bottles with you, or leave some at work for pumping away from home.

  • Small, quiet, efficient breast pump that can be used for double or single pumping
  • Reaches 220 mm Hg of suction ( the natural suction level of babies ) in about 3 seconds
  • Cycles: 20-30+ times per minute
  • Estimated milk expression time: 10-20 minutes
  • Fully adjustable suction and manual cycling lets moms imitate their baby’s variable nursing patterns
  • Insulated Tote bag allows moms to conveniently pump on-the-go
  • Four extra bottles ensure that mom has enough supplies to pump away from baby
  • Storage caps provide a tight seal to keep breast milk fresh when in storage
  • Storage caps prevent spills in tote bag
  • Power with a standard wall outlet
  • Can be used for multiple years
  • BPA and DEHP free
  • Control the suction with your finger
  • Nurture III Pump Motor
  • Basic Double Collection Kit
  • Instructional Manual
  • Instructional DVD ( not pictured )
Basic Double Collection Kit and Deluxe Package Includes:
  • 6 - Bottles
  • 2 - Flanges
  • 2 - Bottle stands
  • 6 - Storage caps
  • 1 - Set of tubing

Additional Information

SKU 320
Manufacturer Bailey
Weight 5 pounds
Warranty 5 Years on Pump Motor
Dimensions 10.1" x 9.6" x 6.1"
AC Adaptor Yes
Bag Included No
Battery Power No
Pump Type Double Electric
System Type Closed System

Product Information