Elvie Curve Manual Breast Pump

Elvie Curve is a discreet, wearable, silicone, manual breast pump for easy, hands-free expression. Curve fits securely right into your bra, enabling gentle milk expression and letdown collection for ultimate comfort and convenience.

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Free of fiddly parts, this wearable silicone breast pump is small, lightweight, and easy to use – simply press the pouch to create natural suction and effortlessly express up to 4 ounces of breast milk each time. Fitting to the shape of your breast due to its soft-touch silicone, the Elvie Curve also has a valve to control variable suction, ensuring it's comfortable to express milk and make removing it as easy as possible. Breastfeeding moms don't have to worry about it being knocked off when their little one is nursing.

Ideal to help manage breastfeeding mothers milk supply and enhance your breastfeeding journey – whether it's while you're feeding your little one, pumping from your other breast, when your breasts feel full, or even on the go.


  • Designed for Discreet Comfort

  • Compact, Wearable, and Portable

  • Flat Lay to Avoid Spills

  • Holds 4 oz./120 ml

  • Made from Food-Grade Silicone

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • BPA & Phthalates Free


  • 1 - Frame
  • 1 - Pouch
  • 1 - User Manual

How to Use:

  • Slide the silicone pouch into the frame.

  • Place your nipple in the center of the nipple hole, so it feels comfortable and it's not pushing against the inside of the pouch.

  • Press the pouch to create suction. If the suction generated feels uncomfortable, gently press the valve to open it and release the pressure.

  • Check to be sure that the nipple is still central.

  • Position and pull your nursing bra or cover over the Elvie Curve breast pump. Keep it firmly pressed against the breast with no gaps.

  • If suction drops over time, press the pouch again to maintain ideal suction and breast milk flow. You can do this through your bra. Keep an eye on the milk level to make sure it doesn't overfill.


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