The first week in August marks “World Breastfeeding Week,” a campaign that brings attention to breastfeeding as the foundation of lifelong good health for babies and mothers everywhere.

World Breastfeeding Week 2018 has four primary objectives:

  • Inform people about the links between good nutrition, food security, poverty reduction and breastfeeding
  • Anchor breastfeeding as the foundation of life
  • Engage with individuals and organizations for greater impact
  • Galvanize action to advance breastfeeding as a part of good nutrition, food security and poverty reduction

At Aeroflow Breastpumps, we believe it’s our responsibility to advocate for the issues that mean the world to our mamas. Our mission is to increase the instance of breastfeeding nationally by providing the best equipment and supplies for ALL moms, and it’s a commitment we take very seriously!

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women to receive breast pumps through insurance and in that time, we’ve heard a lot about the obstacles they face in meeting their personal breastfeeding goals. Perhaps more common than any other is the question of where to pump at work. Head to the car? Hide in a storage closet? Hunt down an empty conference room? You deserve better and you do have rights!

That’s why we’re excited to announce our first ever Pumping Room Makeover. Nominate your employer and you could win a completely redesigned, fully-equipped oasis for the pumping moms in your organization. And we’d love to hear from employers who want to create a safe, comfortable space for their employees, as well.

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Here are a few extraordinary facts to kickstart the month:

  • Breastfeeding women who are supported by their employers are more productive and loyal
  • As a low-cost alternative to formula, breastfeeding contributes to global poverty reduction
  • Exclusive breastfeeding for two years and beyond provides high quality nutrients and adequate energy and can help prevent hunger, malnutrition and obesity
  • Breastfeeding significantly contributes to mental and cognitive development and thus promotes learning

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