Obtaining a breast pump through insurance has never been easier with the help of the professionals at Aeroflow Healthcare Breastpumps.  Aeroflow  Breastpumps offers a vast selection of industry leading double electric breast pumps, and a Breastpump Specialist is available to help you decide which breast pump is right for you.  However, if you are looking for some basic product information to get you started then consider the following information to help you narrow down your selection. Medela offers the Pump In Style Advanced product line and the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter includes everything you need to pump.  If you’re seeking mobility with your pumping sessions then consider the On the Go Tote, On the Go Backpack, or Metro also made by Medela.  These breast pump packages include the same breast pump technology, and each kit includes a battery pack, cooler set, and bag of choice for transporting your pump. It really boils down to which type of bag is more consistent with your style and preference.   The tote offers transportability but is worn on the shoulder, while the backpack is worn on the back, and the metro is a messenger style bag.  The Medela Metro option is unique in the fact that the pump is designed to be removed from the bag instead of secured within the bag like the tote and backpack options.  If you travel a lot and are interested in something even more portable, the Medela Freestyle may be a more suitable choice for you.   The Medela Freestyle also includes the Hands Free Bustier which allows the luxury of pumping without the daunting task of securing the storage collection containers in place, and thus allows you to perform other tasks while pumping simultaneously! If you prefer a closed system pumping technology then consider the Ameda, Hygeia, or Spectra brand pumps.  A closed system is designed to prevent environmental contaminants and debris from encountering breast milk while pumping.  The Ameda Ultra includes a tote, cooler set, and car charger as part of the package contents, and makes a nice choice for mothers who are in need of those accessories when acquiring a breast pump.  The Hygeia Enjoye LBI has a unique feature that allows for playback of your baby’s sounds, adding personalization to your pumping sessions.  The Spectra products will provide the added peace of mind with a two year manufacturer’s warranty which is unsurpassed by any other breast pump manufacturer listed!  Another benefit of Spectra breast pump's is that they are all digital. If a digital product is appealing to you then note the Medela Freestyle will also deliver the additional technological advancement of a digital display to include memory tracking settings too!  If you like the idea of digital technology, but seek a more affordable product then check out Lansinoh, Nuk, or Tomy as possible breast pump options.  The Lansinoh and Tomy will bring you power supply versatility as they both include the option of battery power in addition to plugging into an outlet.  The Tomy breast pump also includes a cooler set and tote as part of the package contents as well. So what’s the next step to get started?  Simply click here to submit your information and an Aeroflow Breastpump Specialist will research to see if your insurance policy offers coverage for a breast pump.  The Breastpump Specialist will contact you within a few business days to discuss your product options in further detail.  It’s that easy!  Submit your information today, and let the experts at Aeroflow Breastpumps take care of the rest!