What Medela Accessories Will I Need?

Many moms discover extra breast pump supplies are a worthwhile investment. Regularly replacing breast pump parts and cleaning your pump can ensure your breast pump continues to work like brand new. After just a few pumping sessions with your new Medela pump, you may discover that having certain Medela pump accessories can save bundles of time and headaches. We have several breast pump accessories from Medela aimed to make pumping easier.

Medela Cleaning On-the-Go

Let’s face it – one of the most mundane tasks of pumping is cleaning it after every use, even though this has to be done correctly to ward off unwanted and unhealthy bacteria build-up. But you won’t always have access to soap, water, and a sanitary sink.

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags, the Quick Clean Sanitizing Spray, and Quick Clean Wipes make clean up quick, easy, and thorough. The Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags allow you to quickly disinfect the breast shields, nipples, bottles, and even pacifiers with the use of your microwave. The spray sanitizes 99.9% of germs on your breast pump, breast shields, breast milk bottles and more in as little as sixty seconds.

These wipes are awesome because they are odorless, bleach, and alcohol-free! Not only can you use these wipes on your breast pump accessories, but they can also be used for other items such as high chairs, cribs, and even shopping carts. 

Medela Breast Pump Parts to Have On Hand

Besides the motor, a Medela breast pump will come with tubes, connectors, membranes, breast shields, and breast milk containers.

You might find it’s more convenient to have more than one set of some of these accessories. Some moms like to have a breast pump kit at work and another one at home so they have less to tote back and forth.

Medela recommends cleaning the tubing once a day if you pump multiple times per day or after each use if you pump a few times a week. If your pump has been in storage, you should consider replacing the tubing to avoid moisture buildup. This will help keep the breast pump working properly and for a longer duration!

Some mamas like to have a second set of breast shields to keep at the office or serve as a backup. Valves and membranes are the smallest pieces on your breast pump. Having a few backup membranes can help avoid a pumping emergency if you accidentally wash it down the drain or if it tears.

Portable Power

If you are like most modern moms today, there is a good chance you are on the go most of the time and often find yourself in places where power outlets are not even available. Don’t find yourself in a tough spot! The Pump in Style Advanced comes with the Medela battery pack. It gives you the freedom you need to be the busy bee that you are as a new mommy.

The battery pack uses 8 AA batteries and delivers up to 2 hours of pumping time. Here’s a helpful hint too: invest in rechargeable batteries that you can use with the battery pack. Also, if you have to pump in the car, Medela also has a car adaptor.

Breast Pump Kits

The breast pump kits include everything you’d need for replacement parts.

The AFBP Medela kit includes 20 Pump & Save milk storage bags with adapter, a set of 6 milk collection and storage bottles, 6 reusable Quick Clean micro-steam bags, and 24 Quick Clean breast pump and accessories cleaning wipes.

Medela Pump in Style Double Pumping kit is designed to resupply your Medela breast pump parts. It includes one set of tubing, two PersonalFit breast shields, two valves, two membranes, a drawstring bag, and eight disposable bra pads.

The Medela Back to Work Kit features everything mom needs to help her transition back to work. It includes disposable nursing pads, storage bags, and lanolin.

New Breast Pump Supplies

Breast pump parts do wear down over time. Properly cleaning and storing them can ensure they are effective for as long as possible. Regularly replacing older breast pump parts can help your Medela breast pump work like new. And your insurance might cover the cost of your breast pump supplies!

Information provided in blogs should not be used as a substitute for medical care or consultation.

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