What Exactly is Cord Blood Banking Anyway?

Recently it seems that everywhere you turn, someone is talking about cord blood banking. It's a hot topic on the mommy front, but what exactly does cord blood banking mean?

Even if you are not a parent yourself yet, it is pretty well known how vital the umbilical cord is to a baby’s development. It is essentially the lifeline connecting the fetus to the placenta, delivering nutrient dense blood and helping your baby thrive. Not only can the umbilical cord be fundamental in your unborn baby’s life, but can also be of monumental use in saving other lives.

Cord Blood can save lives

That’s right…the stem cells that make up the blood found in your infant’s umbilical cord could be used to treat illnesses and restore damaged organs and tissue, among other medical uses. Treatable diseases using cord blood cells include immune and blood disorders, and even several types of cancers.  This is where cord blood banking comes in.

This involves the process of extracting and saving the blood in your baby’s cord after the child has been born to later utilize the stem cells.  After you give birth and your hubby or doctor cut the cord, a needle is injected into the side of the cord that’s still connected to the placenta.  No worries!  Neither mom nor baby can feel it.  It’s rather quick and painless.

While it can be pricey (we’re talking in the thousands plus an annual fee) to save it in a private family cord blood bank in which only your loved ones can utilize it, you can also give it to a public cord blood bank in which whoever needs it is able to use it.

Be sure to do your research

There are plenty of knowledgeable sources relating to cord blood banking on the Internet.  You can also consult your doctor or other medical personnel.

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