We Know It Can Be Hard, But Don’t Give Up On Breastfeeding!

We know it can be hard, but don’t give up on breastfeeding! Remaining committed to breastfeeding can be a challenging, but getting a strong start can make this process easier over time. Understanding your baby’s needs may be an excellent gateway to getting a good grasp on developing a process for nursing. Many mothers are now considering baby initiated feedings opposed to timed feedings as part of their nursing regimen. Baby initiated feedings require mothers to remain close to the infant for frequent feedings driven by hunger initiating cues prior to baby crying. This method is beneficial in helping mothers establish an adequate milk supply as production correlates directly with expression. Baby initiated feedings allows a baby to adjust intake based on quality and quantity. International studies conclude the more frequently a women breastfeeds the greater percentage of fat content is present in her breast milk. Fat content increases as the breast empties and is therefore important to let baby decide when to switch breasts, if at all, as baby initiated feedings allow your child to guide the entire process. Many studies conducted have also shown that when baby initiates feedings the infant experiences less stress, pain, and fewer digestive problems as skin to skin contact while feeding is proven to be emotionally calming. A large variety of studies also suggest that sensitive and responsive parenting like baby initiated feedings correlates with secure attachment relationships and better child behavioral outcomes. Statistically babies who initiate feedings also nap more frequently than babies who are fed on a schedule; this is appealing to mothers who utilize their infant’s nap times to perform chores or rest as well.

Often women choosing the baby initiated feeding method nurse exclusively or as much as possible before introducing a bottle.   Mothers returning to the work force and still wishing to provide breast milk frequently elect for breast pumps as compensation. Double electric breast pumps are efficient and cost effective as most insurance policies cover the expense as a preventative benefit. Aeroflowmomandbaby.com is an excellent way to determine if your policy provides coverage for a double electric breast pump. Visit the website today and enter your information through the “Qualify through Insurance” tab. A Breast Pump Specialist will work with you to determine an option to meet your specific needs. Don’t delay as your policy may allow you to obtain the breast pump before your baby arrives, and that means you can have one less thing to worry about.

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