Tips for Increasing Your Breast Milk Supply

It is relatively common for new mothers to worry whether they are producing enough milk. In fact, many mothers wrongfully assume that they have a low milk supply. This misconception is the most common reason new mothers wean off breastfeeding and decide to supplement or move entirely to formula. As long as your baby is gaining weight and eliminating within normal parameters, more than likely your milk supply is just fine! That being said, many women are still interested in learning how to increase their breast milk supply.

The popular website for pregnancy, birth, and parenting Bellybelly reports that the two major underlying causes of low breast milk supply are poor latch and scheduled feeding. If you suspect a poor latch is the cause of your breast milk supply problems it is recommended that you seek the advice of an international board certified lactation consultant. You will know when your baby is hungry. Try and watch for your baby’s early hunger cues. Anytime your baby reaches for your breast or indicates hunger, feed your baby at that time. Scheduled feeding is not recommended. Breast milk production is all about supply and demand. The more your baby nurses the more milk your body will produce.

Mommy365 offers the following helpful tips to boost milk supply:

Switch Sides- Don’t favor one breast over the other. Make sure you are switching breasts during each feeding. If you notice that your baby is starting to get distracted that is your cue to switch to the other breast. You want to make sure you are fully emptying each breast so that your demand remains consistent.

Avoid Pacifiers– The more time your baby spends sucking on a pacifier the less milk you will be making due to lack of stimulation.

Wear a properly fitting bra– A bra that is too tight can negatively effect your milk flow. In more severe cases it can even lead to plugged ducts which will prevent any milk flow from that area of your breast.

Eat Oatmeal– This old wives’ tale may hold some truth to it! We don’t know why, but many women report an increase in milk after eating oatmeal.

Avoid hormonal birth control- The hormones in most birth control pills are known to decrease your milk supply. Talk to your OB/GYN doctor about more nursing friendly alternatives.

Take a vacation or dedicate a weekend to just relaxing- Sometimes all it takes to improve your milk supply is a little R&R. Stress can absolutely have a major effect on milk production.

The more milk you express, the more milk you will produce. An extremely effective way to increase your breast milk supply is by way of breast pumping. A breast pump will allow you to express your milk more frequently while also enabling you to store milk for future use.

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