The Ultimate Guide to Elvie Breast Pumps and Accessories

elvie breast pump

Manual, electric, or battery-powered? Small and light, or big and strong? The word of breast pumps is constantly evolving to provide better, more revolutionary products for moms. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which is the right breast pump for you? 

Worry not, mama. The team at Aeroflow has made it our mission to ensure your breastfeeding journey caters to your every need. You can find a variety of breast pumps and accessories on our sites from several different brands, making it easier to find and customize the right products for you. Today, we’ll focus on one of our favorite brands: Elvie.

Get to Know Elvie

The modern mom isn’t just busy, she’s interested in how technology can help her understand her body and health. This is especially true during pregnancy and postpartum. In recent years, breast pump companies have stepped in to provide moms with better technology designed to personalize, optimize, and elevate the pumping experience.

Elvie has emerged as a leader in the femtech space, providing revolutionary technology, innovative solutions, and quality products that make motherhood easier. What exactly does this mean? Elvie’s team of experts has added innovative features across their range of products to empower women, creating tech that supports and prioritizes their needs.

Founded by a women’s health expert, Elvie centers women from product to development and testing. Read on to see why we love Elvie.


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Elvie Breast Pumps

Tech meets comfort in Elvie’s collection of breast pumps. Designed to help moms pump smarter, not harder, the Pump with Elvie app works alongside the brand’s products to ensure moms can customize each pumping experience to optimize comfort and breast milk output. App features allow moms to remotely manage their preferred settings and keep track of their pumping history. In-app assistance is also available in the form of step-by-step guides and articles. 

Each Elvie breast pump on the Aeroflow site is compatible with the brand’s Pump with Elvie app. Mamas using the Elvie Pump will also benefit from SmartRhythm technology and infrared sensors to detect letdown. 

Find our favorite selection of Elvie breast pumps and product details below.

Elvie Stride Breast Pump

Hands-free pumping just got easier thanks to the Elvie Stride Breast Pump, which sits comfortably under clothing. A cup inside your bra collects the breast milk, providing more mobility for multitasking or relaxing. Equipped with hospital-strength power, the Elvie Stride is strong and ultra quiet—ideal for pumping in ultimate discretion. 

With 10 intensity levels to choose from, you can customize your pump and save or change your preferences in the app. Quickly charge your pump at home, in the car, or on the go with the Elvie Stride USB-C Charging Cable to ensure you're ready to pump whenever you want or need to.

Elvie Stride Plus Double Electric Breast Pump

Everything you love about the Stride—and more! The Elvie Stride Plus Double Electric Breast Pump is the go-to pump for moms on the move. Equipped with powerful suction strength thanks to its quiet, hospital-grade motor, the Stride Plus has two modes and 20 intensity levels that can be used for single or double pumping.

Get ready, get set, and go! Increase mobility, comfort, and convenience with the Stride Plus—free from wires and dangling bottles. Need to head out the door? Store this electric pump in the 3-in-1 carry bag, which includes a wet bag, a cool bag, and an ice pack. The bag is compatible with standard 5 oz/150 mL milk storage bottles, so now you can keep your bottles cool without worry.

Elvie Pump Breast Pump

Silence is golden and using a quiet pump while your baby sleeps will bring you both peace. This Elvie Pump is small and wire-free, designed to easily sit inside your bra. Light and small, this hands-free breast pump allows you to pump from anywhere. 

Equipped with SmartRhythm pumping, you can choose between two modes and 14 levels of intensity to accommodate your milk production. Save your preferences on the pump and use the app to level up your pumping experience to control your pump, track your pumping history, monitor real-time milk volume, and get custom pump insights. Oh, and one more thing—the Elvie Pump is smart. It automatically switches from stimulation to expression mode once it's time to let down and will pause once the bottle is full.

Elvie Curve Manual Breast Pump

This manual breast pump is portable, compact, and wearable, equipped with soft-touch silicone to better fit the shape of your breast for optimal comfort. Curve securely fits in your bra, and its lightweight design makes it the ideal companion for moms on the go. Once you’re ready to begin pumping, press the pouch to effortlessly create natural suction. The curve holds up to four ounces of breast milk during each section. 

Elvie Breast Pump Supplies and Accessories

From its award-winning pelvic floor trainer to convenient pump bottles and breast shields, Elvie has a collection of accessories specifically designed for modern moms. Browse our collection of supplies and accessories to pair with your Elvie pumps.

Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer

Are you looking for a device to help with postnatal recovery? The Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer is an award-winning, smart kegel training device designed to help you exercise your pelvic floor. The discreet design allows you to train from anywhere and oscillate between six exercises and four levels designed to strengthen and tone the muscles of the area easily. 

Pair your pelvic floor trainer with the app for biofeedback training that takes you through five-minute workouts. Real-time feedback, a log of your workout history, and personalized training programs are also available in the app. 

Elvie Pump Bottles, 5 oz (3-count)

Collect and store milk from your Elvie Pump in these 5-ounce bottles. Made from a durable, BPA-free plastic, these bottles are safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave. Plus, you can store these bottles in the fridge and freezer. 

Elvie Kits and Bundles

Make your breast pumping journey organized and worry-free with Elvie’s collection of kits and bundles designed to replenish your supplies. The Elvie Stride Connection Kit contains a replacement connector and tubing set, while the Elvie Stride Pumping Essentials Bundle keeps you fully stocked with one connection kit, two diaphragms, and three valves.

Don’t have a Stride or Stride Plus? Don’t worry! The Elvie Pumping Essentials Bundle comes with three bottles, two seals, and two spout and valve kits. Elvie Pump users can replace spare spout and valve parts with the Pump Spout and Valve Kit.

Elvie Stride Waist Clip and Hub Cover

Need to power through some tasks and pump at the same time? The Stride Waist Clip and Hub Cover is your solution to hands-free pumping. Compatible with the Elvie Stride and Stride Plus breast pumps, attach this clip to your waist, bra, or top. 

Elvie Diaphragms, Valves, Shields, Seals, and More

Replacing worn-out accessories is critical to maintaining a hygienic pumping environment and a safe, fresh breast milk supply for your baby. You can find a number of spare parts for your Elvie pumps on our site, including Stride Valves (3-count), Stride Diaphragms (2-count), Pump Seals (2-count)

Need a little extra room in your nursing bra? Elvie’s Pump Bra Adjusters (4-count) can be used with your Elvie Pump and any quick-release clip nursing bra to make your pumping experience more comfortable. Create a better fit and effective suction while pumping with the Stride Breast Shields (2-count) and Pump Breast Shields (2-count).

Able to hold up to one ounce of breast milk, the Catch captures even more of your liquid gold, minimizing waste created by natural leaks. These leaks happen throughout the day when milk flows from one side while nursing on the other, whether or not you’re actively nursing or pumping. Their small size conforms to your breast’s skin for up to three hours of comfortable wear.

Collect your breast milk in these reusable Stride Cups (2-count). Able to hold up to five ounces of breastmilk, just remove the stopper to easily transfer your milk to another storage container. 

Visit the Aeroflow blog to learn more about breastfeeding, breast pumps, pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. We cover a range of topics to help keep mamas informed.

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