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What Causes Clogged Milk Ducts?

Pumping mother with clogged milk ducts

One of the typical worries during lactation is getting a clogged milk duct. Horror stories abound about hard, painful, tender lumps, the lengths people go to get rid of them, and what can happen if they don’t resolve. Luckily, clogged ducts are not as common as you may think, and recently much more about them has become clear. Our experts explain what constitutes a "clogged milk duct" and what to do if you suspect you have this issue. 

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Picking Your Pump: Top 5 Questions

pump selection

Finding a pump that works best for you is a big decision! Answering each question below will guide you toward whether you need a manual pump, standard pump, high-performing pump, or wearable pump. 

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Inducing Lactation for Adoption or Surrogacy

Woman Pumping Breast Milk

If you are an adoptive mother or brought your baby into the world through a surrogate pregnancy, you may want to induce lactation to provide your own milk for your baby. 

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How Does Stress Impact Breastfeeding

stressed new mother with crying baby

Being a new parent can be an exciting, overwhelming, and stressful experience. All of the new changes including meeting your breastfeeding goals, taking care of your baby and making time for yourself can all be new stressors in your life. How does stress impact your breastfeeding experience? Find out from an Aeroflow Breastpumps IBCLC! 

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Why Breastfeeding is Beneficial for Moms and Babies

Whether you’re nursing your baby or providing them pumped breast milk, breastfeeding is beneficial for moms and babies. IBCLC Ashley Georgakopoulos shares what those benefits are, and some of them last a lifetime. 

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Does Your Diet Affect Breastfeeding?

Does your diet affect breastfeeding? Lately we have seen an increase in ad campaigns that market the message “your child is what you eat”. How true is this statement? Are there going to be negative repercussions to your baby if you eat that cheeseburger or splurge on dessert?

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