Why Clean Your Pumps?

Sterilizing your breast pump is an important part of ensuring the milk provided to your child is safe. Many manufacturers provide cleaning instructions in the owner’s manual provided with your breast pump, but there are few basic rules to follow.

Pumps should be cleaned after every use. Because plastic is a malleable material, it is important not to use harsh chemicals, antibacterial soaps, or sharp scrubbing sponges for cleaning. Using dish soap and hot water is sufficient for these daily cleanings. Most manufacturers also offer wipes specifically for cleaning the breast pump when you are pumping on the go. After these daily cleanings, be sure to allow the parts to air dry since towels carry lots of bacteria and germs.

Sanitizing the breast bump can be a trickier process. The non-electric parts are top-rack dishwasher safe. Sterilizing is not necessary to keep the parts safe, and to ensure the longevity of your breast pump it is not recommended to use a microwave sterilizer or regularly boil the parts. If you do wish to fully sterilize the pieces of your breast pump that come in contact with milk, ensure that the items are BPA free to avoid health risks for your child.


If you received a breast pump from Aeroflow and have further questions on its maintenance, feel free to call our Specialty Item department today.